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                         Tertius Myburgh, Responsible
                         Person: Flight Operations (RPFO)

                         When it comes to fallibility of man versus machine, no other
                         method of transportation except flying has ever been so thor-
                         ough. With an accumulation of knowledge about risk convert-
                         ed into practice and the appointment of hand-picked leaders
                         from the aviation safety industry, CemAir continues to ensure
                         operations run as smoothly as possible. Tertius Myburgh plays
                         a crucial role in CemAir as the RPFO.

It was his dream as a young boy and everything he wanted              Before joining the CemAir Team, where did you place your
      in life; to be in control, watching the sunrise and sunset      hat?
      from that altitude, the opportunity to travel, advancing the    I have an ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) issued by SA
      throttles to full on a fully loaded craft thundering down       and the USA with roughly 7 000 hours total flying time and I
the runway using every available inch and taking off at the last      am licensed on 37 different types of aircraft. I used to be very
minute. What made it even more incredible was that he could be        involved with major aircraft manufacturers in Aircraft Sales and
paid to do it.                                                        Demonstration flights, hence to 37 different types of aircraft on
Skynews recently interviewed Tertius about his position with          my Licence. In 2000 when the Rand/Dollar exchange rate depre-
CemAir and his interest in the industry.                              ciated to R15 it created a very uncertain time in aircraft sales, and
What are the key responsibilities for someone in your position        so I decided to continue with my career as a professional pilot. I
at CemAir?                                                            flew in Cameroon for a major international oil company and was
My job requires me to manage the flight operations portfolio and      then based in North Africa for several years. I accepted a position
I report directly to the CEO. I need to ensure that our aircraft      with SA Express Airways which was a great time for me and I
are operated according to the law, safely and reliably and in         spent five years learning so much because 90% of the crew were
accordance with a standard set of quality procedures that are         old SA Air Force pilots who had left the SAAF after 1994. They
detailed and continuously maintained in the Company’s Flight          had amazing stories to tell.
Operations Manual. The position requires involvement with             	 In 2009 I left SA Express to start my own charter and aircraft
strategic planning to ensure the CemAir team executes the plan        sales company with my wife Nicolene. We made a great suc-
from operations to passenger handling. This includes the full and     cess of this, and as a result we met CemAir CEO, Miles van der
precise operational control of our aircraft.                          Molen. We left our own company in 2013 to our partners and I
                                                                      started with CemAir later that same year. First as a contract pilot
                                                                      and then as the CemAir RPFO.

What are the primary functions of your team members?                  What have you enjoyed most about working with CemAir?
Currently we are a team of seven in Operations. This includes         This is a very dynamic company with a CEO that has a clear vi-
Senior Operations Controllers, Operations Controllers, Ramp           sion. When you have that in place, every day is exciting at work.
Controllers and the Charter Division. Operation Controllers           But unquestionably, my highlight was flying our newly acquired
ensure that all flights are organised and dispatched in accordance    Dash 8 from Texas in the USA to our facility at OR Tambo In-
with the Civil Aviation regulations and specifically that all docu-   ternational Airport. I saw so many great things and met so many
mentation for the flight is completed and on-board. They act as a     wonderful people during this trip that I will never forget it!
liaison with our ground handlers to ensure your luggage arrives       Why did you choose this line of work?
at the aircraft. To really describe their functions I would need an   It actually chose me. I started as a line pilot with CemAir but
entire magazine just for that, they are the heart of the company.     somehow always got involved with everything and not just the
	 The Ramp Controllers check the daily condition of the               flight. I believe this encouraged Miles to approach me regarding
aircraft, discuss any issues the pilots may have had with the         the RPFO position and I accepted with both hands. I knew it
maintenance crew, get the aircraft refuelled and ready on the         would be demanding and that is exactly the type of environment
apron before each flight and check that all the required catering is  I like.
loaded as per the number of passengers expected.                      How would you best describe yourself ?
	 Our Charter Division deals with top companies, high-end             Well… I am a fun loving guy by nature, with a very supportive
individuals and celebrities whom they look after while transport-     family. And too many kids to mention, driving me nuts some-
ing them around the continent. They are in the true sense of the      times…
word, ‘specialists in supplying a VIP service when needed’.

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