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a 360˚ panoramic dream

Credit the mistaken discovery of                 during the winter months of May to           and in some places large cliffs plunge into
            this area by early navigators who    December), this area of just fewer than      deep water. The northern shore is char-
            at first mistook it for Cape Point.  36 000 people offers fabulous experi-        acteristically different, defined by a very
            False Bay is the largest true bay    ences minutes from beaches with some         long, curving, sandy beach. It’s no surprise
in South Africa and one of the great bays        of the finest waves and sandy shores in      that in 1488 a Portuguese explorer by the
of the world. The area was catapulted            the region. A strong surfing community       name of Bartolomeu Dias referred to the
by the romanticism of the early family           has kept the relaxed vibe of the area an     bay as “the gulf between the mountains”.
settlers who indulged in its senses. They        attractive seaside destination. Shopping     The name “False Bay” was soon adopted
saw a location with abundant fishing, a          mavens love to scout for antiques and        by sailors who confused the bay with Ta-
serene Mediterranean climate, and a view         artisans finds along the narrow avenues of   ble Bay to the north. There is no reason to
that surpassed any other coastline in its        connecting seaside villages and hamlets.     mistake this area – it is distinctly different
grandeur. Even today, this lively area lives     Always a centre for fresh seafood, the area  and well known for its dramatic beauty
up to its reputation.                            boasts some wonderful dining options.        which includes white, sandy beaches,
	 With rich natural offerings (including         	 The eastern and western shores of the      beautiful valleys and sweeping vistas.
the Southern Right Whale migration               bay are very rocky and even mountainous,

                          INTERESTING FALSE BAY DISCOVERY… A new tiny shrimp, called the ‘stargazer mysid’,

                          the ninth Mysidopsis species found in Southern Africa, was recently discovered in False Bay - November,
                          2014 (Information source:

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