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                          APP REVIEWS

                          Contributing cyberpunk shares water sport app secrets for
                          the remainder of summer

                          Whether you're a novice diver, advanced surfer or just
                          love going to the beach there is an app to suit all things
                          related to the Big Blue. There are so many to choose
                          from, but we thought these three would come in handy
                          for the remainder of summer.

                          EXPEDITION                 very same instant. May      iSURFER
                          WHITE                      be a bit limiting for SA    SURF
                          SHARK                      waters…                     COACH
                          PURCHASE                                               PURCHASE
                          Available for:             WAVESCAPE                   Available for:
                          iPhone or iPad only        FREE                        iPhone or iPad only
                          AT A GLANCE:               Available for:              AT A GLANCE:
                          How cool is this new       iOS & Android               If you need anything
                          app? The world’s first     AT A GLANCE:                and everything to do
                          app designed to track      This is great for water-    with surfing – this app
                          adult Great White          sport enthusiasts. The      has you covered. It’s
                          sharks in real time. What  perfect app for SA surf     the only one of its kind
                          a relief! The app also     reports, marine forecasts,  available on the App
                          includes really fun facts  weather services and        Store which makes it a
                          about sharks, videos of    wave predictions. Added     must have for all surfers.
                          tagging and tracking       bonus is news from          There is a larger selec-
                          and maps and info on       Spike - the only profes-    tion of other iSURFER
                          shark conservation and     sional surf forecaster in   apps which places most
                          research. A bit of a bum-  SA. Super easy to use       of them on the wanted
                          mer that it only tracks    with some awesome           list.
                          Great Whites that have     pictures.                   PROS (+): Not only is
                          been tagged…               PROS (+): A true surfer     this a cool app, but a su-
                          PROS (+): This little      has to have this app!       per easy one to navigate
                          gem allows you to          Up-to-the-minute reports    with loads of useful info,
                          receive live tracking      and weather forecasts as    tips and lessons. New
                          data for the tagged        well as the latest surfing  feature includes shop-
                          Great White sharks, at     competition news as it      ping for surf gear from
                          the same time as the       happens.                    directly in the app from
                          research scientists.       CONS (-): You may           anywhere in the world.
                          CONS (-): The shark has    struggle to translate the   CONS (-): A great surf-
                          to be swimming at the      lingo if you’re a nov-      ing app for beginners,
                          surface with its dorsal    ice… very ‘surfer-dude’     but only for iOS users.
                          fin out of the water for   at times.                   Advanced surfers may
                          several minutes, and one                               want to check out the
                          of the ARGOS satellites                                other iSURFER apps
                          must be overhead at the                                rather.

                                                     Photo: Justin Klusener

                          Photos: Plett Tourism, Expedition White Shark, iSURFER & Wavescape

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