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Champions or Chokers?

Is this South Africa’s year…

SA cricketing legend, Pat Symcox, takes a look at the Proteas' chances at this
month’s ICC Cricket World Cup, and casts his eye over the best of the rest of the
teams who will be challenging for the trophy. The million dollar question remains…
can the Proteas win the Cricket World Cup in 2015?

It’s that time and space again when            will be finely-tuned in every facet. There    fact that it cannot be like that forever.
      the One Day cricket fanatics are         will be no issues with lighting, covers,      Somehow those same odds don’t count
      treated to non-stop action with all the  pitches and crowd-control. It is indeed a     come the day of reckoning.
      glitz and glamour that goes with the     mouth-watering time for all who adore the
modern game. Entertainment seems to            game.                                         Proteas Squad
have become a bigger by-product than in        	 However, for those who have been
past times. The T20 version of the game        selected to represent their respective        On balance, the Proteas seem to have
successfully introduced many new fans          countries, the weight of expectation is       covered most bases. Back-up players that
to the atmosphere found at the cricket         always one that keeps the mind ticking        can step in for the stars seem adequate
stadiums and their demands are a far-cry       long after the bed-side light has been        enough. However, it is not with them that
from the staid and sterile surroundings        switched off. The coveted trophy crowns       World Cup will be won or lost.
found at Test matches.                         a golden moment in a cricketing life-time     	 The onus will lie fairly and squarely
	 The players are all part of the              and fulfills a dream of all players. Only     on the experienced senior players to have
wonderful hype. Constantly on the move         those who have walked up to get the           the form at the time and to maintain the
from city to city with supporters travelling   medal and hold the trophy aloft will relate.  momentum of that form for the entire
along for the ride in the hope of a fleeting   The rest live in hope.                        duration of the tournament.
moment with their own hero.                    	 South Africa is one such country.           	 The bowling attack looks omnipotent.
	 Australia and New Zealand will meet          No-one has experienced the joy yet. It has    With Dale Steyn, Morné Morkel and
the challenge of hosting the event with        been a long time in waiting and whilst        Vernon Philander leading the pack and
aplomb. They understand the game and           the odds are on winning, this seems to get    the likes of Kyle Abbot and either Imran
the enormity of the event. Every venue         better each time out because of the sheer     Tahir or Aaron Phangiso to back them up
                                                                                             means teams will work hard for every run.

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