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SA Cricketing Legend Pat                        in the one day arena, before making your       of the worlds’ greatest players at that time.
Symcox chats to CemAir’s                        test debut against Sri Lanka, how did it       AS: I understand the Aussie crowds have
Sports Reporting guru                           feel to get the call up to represent this      taken a bit of disliking to you, and one
(he likes to think) Andy                        proud sporting nation?                         occasion through a whole barbequed
Sullivan about isolation,                       PS: It was awesome as we were ground-          chicken at you whilst you were fielding in
top teammates, Australian                       breaking at that stage and no team had         the deep – did that really happen, and if
chicken carcasses, real                         been there before. Sri Lanka remains a         so, what did it taste like?
estate and more…                                favourite place to play to this day.           PS: Na…just had a few chicken carcasses
                                                AS: You played a key role in helping South     thrown at me while on the boundary and
ANDY SULLIVAN: At what age and stage            Africa get back to the top table of world      I was the player for SA that had to take
of your early life did you realize that you     cricket through the 90’s and you were          the responsibility of dishing out some
wanted to make a living as a professional       part of an exceptional team, who would         verbal to the Aussies. Hence the love/hate
cricketer?                                      you say were the stand out South African       relationship that developed.
PAT SYMCOX: My family is one of 10              teammates from that era?                       AS: I used to enjoy your refreshingly
families that have had 3 generations            PS: There were many but Kepler Wessels         honest views and opinions on SuperSport
play First-Class cricket in SA so it came       played a key role in starting a culture as     during your commentary stints, but by all
naturally very early on. Hours of sitting       captain which we followed for many years.      accounts the broadcaster wasn’t as keen
around a field laid the foundation I guess.     Hansie carried that on in the next era and     – I’m sure the SA public would love to see
AS: Your first class career started at Natal    I was also part of that. Dave Richardson       you back in the hotseat at some stage….
in 1977, but due to South Africa’s isolation    was always solid and then of course on         would there ever be a chance of that
from world sport, you couldn’t test your        the field the likes of Donald, Cullinan,       happening again?
skills at the highest level until 1993 at       Rhodes, Kirsten, Kallis, Boucher and           PS: My style of commentary is just too
the ripe old age of 33, nearly two years        Shaun Pollock where amazing to play with.      direct for Supersport. Unfortunately I don’t
after readmission. That must have been          AS: I see that a number of journalists have    subscribe to being told what to say and
frustrating?                                    pigeon holed you as a defensive bowler         who not to criticize. So no, there is no
PS: It was extremely frustrating for many.      over the years, who would tie up one           chance. I do however enjoy commentary
I concentrated on a career as opposed           end while the quickies ran thought the         and have worked around the world for
to going to the UK to play like others of       opposition at the other end – do you think     more than ten years for all the major
my generation did. The up-side of course        that’s fair?                                   channels with some great commentators.
was that I am able to use the experience        PS: It is because that was my role in that     Sadly, the situation was never resolved
gained in the heat of international cricket in  era. SA produced many fast bowlers in          to be able to work in SA. That is life I
business when it comes to team-work and         that time and we used them extensively as      suppose.
discipline.                                     attacking options. Donald, Fanie de Villiers,  AS: And now you have turned all your
AS: You made your international debut           Brett Schultz, Craig Mattews, Steven Jack,     attention to running the REMAX franchise
                                                Richard Snell, Brian McMillan, Shaun           in Kwa-Zulu Natal – what made you get
                                                Pollock, Lance Klusener, Rudi Bryson           into the real estate game?
                                                and David Terbrugge all come to mind           PS: I started in property development
                                                in the same era! Getting a game was a          but now I just adore being in the property
                                                challenge.                                     industry. It allows one time to interact
                                                AS: You’ve had some incredible highlights      with people and to see them achieve their
                                                in your relatively short international career  dreams. I like that.
                                                – only the third cricketer in test history to  AS: Selling property in these austere times
                                                score a ton batting at 10, the best Test       must be as challenging as facing Glenn
                                                match economy rate of any bowler in the        McGrath at a packed MCG – how are you
                                                nineties (of bowlers who had bowled 3000       and the team at ReMax finding that, and
                                                balls or more), Mushtaq Ahmed’s magical        what is the outlook?
                                                ball that passed between your middle and       PS: The outlook on the South Coast is
                                                off stump without dislodging the bails to      really good at the moment with many
                                                name a few – but what were your fondest        major developments in the planning stage.
                                                memories of playing international cricket?     It will be the place to invest in SA over the
                                                PS: The camaraderie stands out and just        next five years. The will by the government
                                                being part of an era that laid foundations     to ensure it happens is so comforting.
                                                for others to follow. The win over Australia   Watch this space!
                                                in Sydney was amazing, beating India           AS: And finally, can South Africa win the
                                                in Calcutta was special and winning the        2015 World Cup?
                                                Champions Trophy in Bangladesh was             PS: Yes most definitely! Of course some
                                                special. However, I would say that we          luck will be needed but if we can get early
                                                peaked as a team against the West Indies       form and confidence and somehow keep
                                                in 1998 and beat them 5 nil in a Test series   key players from injury, this could be our
                                                and 6-1 in the ODI series. They had some       time. Just imagine…

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