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The beach area has been protected          lenge each day it’s played. Also known as        Whilst in
with passion, the greenery provided by the   one of South Africa’s ‘Most Fun Courses’         Southbroom...
well-known Southbroom Golf Club, the         (according to recent Golf Digest reports),
Frederika Nature Preserve and the nearby     the course offers pristine views of surf and     White Shores Guesthouse: Locat-
land zoned to conservation has enhanced      sea.                                             ed in the exclusive village of South-
this lush green tropical paradise between    	 The essential character of South-              broom, the headline for this place is
the Mbizane and Kaba Rivers.                 broom – a hardworking but laid-back              very simple: Breath taking sights and
	 The Southbroom Golf Course is a            village intimately linked to water - has         sounds of the ocean within metres of
short, yet tricky course, generally requir-  survived decades of booms and busts.             your room! One of the South Coast’s
ing the use of every club you may own in     Tourists consider it a hidden gem, local         hidden gems.
your bag. The climate is amazing and the     villagers value the lifestyle and pleasures      380 Outlook Road, Southbroom,
wind unpredictable which makes it a chal-    they call home.                                  +27 (0)39 316 6534,
         ATTRACTIONS: Peace and quiet. Terrific fishing, boating and scuba diving. Fresh
         seafood and excellent restaurants. Nature-oriented experiences.
         ARTISANS: There are two craftsman in the village who produce fine knives – Burger    Trattoria La Terrazza. Sexy Italian!
         Knives and Bauchop Knives.                                                           Enjoy their motto, “Love what you eat
         A MUST: Witness the annual Sardine Run, a natural phenomenon which usually oc-       and eat what you love.” This is the
         curs during June and July, when massive schools of sardines migrate from the colder  type of food your mamma warned
         waters around the Cape to the warmer waters of KwaZulu-Natal.                        you about. With a picturesque setting,
                                                                                              overlooking the Umkobi Estuary and
21 Feb / Mar 2015 CEMAIR                                                                      on the beach, this is innovative cuisine
                                                                                              for those who appreciate excellent
                                                                                              food and appealing aesthetics. Try
                                                                                              the spaghetti gamberini for a taste
                                                                                              Outlook Road, Southbroom,
                                                                                              +27 (0)39 316 6162,

                                                                                              Crocworld Conservation Centre.
                                                                                              Get up close and personal with one of
                                                                                              Africa’s most fabled creatures. Enjoy
                                                                                              an environmental talk or the daily
                                                                                              hands-on experience to explore the
                                                                                              fascinating and dynamic ecosystem
                                                                                              that is KwaZulu-Natal’s rocky shore-
                                                                                              Old Marine Road, Ramsgate,
                                                                                              +27 (0)39 976 1103,

                                                                                              Butterfly Valley. You won’t want
                                                                                              to miss this adventure for the en-
                                                                                              tire family. Enter the flight dome to
                                                                                              experience at-home butterflies flitting
                                                                                              about, perching themselves here and
                                                                                              there. Witness the entire life cycle of
                                                                                              these intriguing insects and enjoy the
                                                                                              breeding centre to learn about the but-
                                                                                              terflies and the host plants on which
                                                                                              they survive.
                                                                                              46 Fascadale Road, Ramsgate,
                                                                                              +27 (0)72 235 3688,
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