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THE EMERGING URBANITE                      Whilst in
•	 Small to medium income: 12% earn 	
	 more than R15 000 per month, and 	       The Blackanese Sushi and Wine
	 79% earn more than R1 500 per 		         Bar. Explore an interesting fusion of
	month                                     African flavour with Japanese cuisine.
•	 Many are well educated: 19% have 	      Experience one of Maboneng’s most
	 university educations, and 35% have 	    talked about new restaurants. Bring
	 technikon diplomas                       your own wine, and enjoy the genius
•	 90% have cellphones, and 44% use 	      of the true sushi king of Joburg.
	e-mail                                    20 Kruger Street, Maboneng Precinct,
•	 31% own their own cars, 74% use 	       +27 (0)11 024 9455,
	 minibus taxis as their chief form of,
	 transport, and 32% use municipal
•	 Reasons given for choosing the inner 	  Eco Urban Café. This exciting and
	 city included affordability (22%), 		    fresh rooftop venue offers eco urban
	 proximity to work (11%) and 		           cuisine, plant art and urban design. It’s
	 proximity to schools (11%)               a showroom for green design and life-
                                           style – a multifunctional visual. A really
                                           cool idea with wonderful, fresh meals
                                           and an outstanding view!
                                           20 Kruger Street, Main Change Build-
                                           ing, Maboneng Precinct,
                                           +27 (0)82 370 9284,

                                           Anomali Jewellery. True to their
                                           namesake – the jewellery is a devi-
                                           ation from the common rule, type,
                                           arrangement, or form. The pieces are
                                           whimsical, curious and contemporary
                                           in design. This is jewellery that fun
                                           and interesting people want to wear.
                                           Maverick Corner, 300 Commissioner
                                           Street, Maboneng Precinct,

                                           Chocolate Ink Studio. A creative
                                           innovation – this is a professional
                                           screen-print studio specialising in
                                           fine art edition productions. It is also
                                           a printmaking space where artists
                                           utilise the facilities to create individual
                                           artworks. The studio has an in-house
                                           etching press, specialised inks and
                                           technical expertise. Workshops are
                                           also available.
                                           301L Main Change Building, Mabo-
                                           neng Precinct,
                                           +27 (0)78 9950 888,

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