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The drive throughout Sedgefield               community of around 8,500. It has the          founding organisation, Italy’s Cittaslow.
           is flanked by beautiful scenic     appeal of a small town from the ’50s or        Start your day with a new concept in
           symbols– a mosaic fish, arid sand  ’60s. That’s all thanks to quiet streets that  mind, ‘conservation without boundaries’.
           dunes, curving tidal areas and     snake through the one-trafficlight town,       	 Take a ride on the choo-choo for the
farming land still untouched by develop-      where family-owned businesses dominate         afternoon, this is a three-hour guided out-
ment. And once you reach your slow town       the chain stores, and grocery shopping         ing on the Outeniqua Power Van from the
destination, you’ll really catch a glimpse    often means hitting the market on the          George Railway Museum. Kids of all ages
of the area’s diverse visual magic: rolling   weekends.                                      will love this one! Wind down for the day
pastures, surreal views of water, hang-glid-  	 The coastal areas offer up terrific scen-    at one of Sedgefield’s landmark farms for
ers above and a peppering of sailboats.       ery. If you are planning some serious rest     an early supper with down-home, healthy
	 Sedgefield’s off-the-beaten-path vibe       and relaxation, this is your town, officially  cooking and a taste of the Garden Route -
is precisely what attracts people to this     Africa’s first Slow Town affiliated to the     Sedgefield style.

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