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Whilst in                                        Photos: Desmond Scholtz & Sedgefield Tourism

      Lake Pleasant Living: Relax in one of
      the Mantis Collection’s unique five star,
      luxury experiences in an incomparable
      natural environment. A nature lover’s
      paradise and a room with a view!
      N2, between Knysna and Sedgefield,
      +27 (0)44 343 1985,,

      Lakeside Lodge: Spoil a loved one at
      this four star luxury boutique style lodge
      set in the beautiful Wilderness Nation-
      al Park on the banks of the Swartvlei
      Lagoon in Sedgefield. A more stunning
      position would be hard to find. 3 Lake-
      side Drive, Swartvlei, Sedgefield,
      +27 (0)44 343 1844,,

      Bistro on the Lake: The bistro, lounge,
      bar and terrace at Lake Pleasant Living
      is set along the banks of the Groenvlei
      (Green Wetland) creating a relaxed vibe
      offering a fabulous selection of sea-
      food and contemporary dishes. With
      breath-taking views for an awe inspiring
      experience, indulge the senses with the
      occasional silence broken by fish eagle.
      N2, between Knysna and Sedgefield,
      +27 (0)44 349 2400/2460,,

      Montecello Restaurant: Authentic
      Italian food and “the best Portuguese
      Espatadas” you may ever have. Don’t be
      fooled by the exterior of this local estab-
      lishment – the food is unbelievable!
      Off N2, Main Rd, Sedgefield,
      +27 (0)44 343 1780,

      Pinella Restaurant: On the banks of
      the Swartvlei Lake at sunset, you will be
      spoiled with the exceptional view and the
      quality steaks, ribs, seafood and service
      you will find at this cosy restaurant at
      Pine Lake Marina. Great for the entire
      N2, Swartvlei, Sedgefield,
      +27 (0)44 349 2200,

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