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eventsIf you are lucky enough to find
                                                                 yourself on a business trip with
                                                                 free time on your hands or even
                                                                 a free weekend, use your time
                                                                 effectively for ideas and trip
                                                                 planning. We just may be your
                                                                 first port of call to decide how to
                                                                 spend your free time.

   Greenwood is an Independent platinum status eco         GARDEN ROUTE                        family values, real experienc-
  primary school situated in the South Western Cape in                                         es and a natural way of life.
beautiful Plettenberg Bay. The school is a full member of  4 – 8 February                      It’s a festival celebrating the
                                                           Plett Music Festival. Pletten-      real things in life: Wholesome
        ISASA and offers quality education to pupils       berg Bay | +27 (0)82 452 8764       goodness, Family, Friends,
                   from Grade 000 to Grade 7.                   Fun, the Outdoors and Great
                                                           In support of the Kids of Kur-      food.
    Greenwood is moving to new premises, with new          land School Project, the Plett
               buildings and fields, during 2016.          Music Festival at The White         CAPE TOWN
                                                           House Theatre presents five
            days of world class music,          20 February – 1 March
              T 044 533 2549 | F 086 510 5310              ranging from choral to jazz,
                                                           Caribbean rhythms, music            Cape Town Pride Festival.
             from Mali and classic songs         De Waterkant | www.cape-
                                                           from the past. Seasoned per-
      Building a foundation for the future                 formers open the programme          Experience a host of activities
                                                           with the enchanting bis-            and events including a Pride
                                                           tro-style Café Chantant. Oth-       Film Premiere, a Red Party,
                                                           er artists include renowned         workshops, a pool party, Mr
                                                           saxophonist Andrew Young,           and Ms Cape Town Pride
                                                           guitarist Derek Gripper, the        pageant, an interfaith service,
                                                           Rhodes University Chamber           and sunset beach picnic, a
                                                           and the Anda Masala Jazz            book fair, a Pink Ball and so
                                                           Quartet.                            much more. Cape Town Pride
                                                                                               is driven by volunteers who
                                                           18 – 22 March                       give of their time, effort and
                                                                                               energy freely, with energy and
                                                           Knysna Literary Festival.           passion.
                                                           Knysna | Tel: +27 (0)82 571
                                                           2462 | www.knysnaliteraryfes-       15 – 22 March
                                                                          ABSA Cape Epic. Durban-
                                                           Brought to you by Pam               ville to Stellenbosch | +27
                                                           Golding Properties, this            (0)21 426 4373 | www.cape-ep-
                                                           festival celebrates the written
                                                           word and was established            The spectacular new route
                                                           to promote SA’s rich literary       promises to be as exciting
                                                           heritage. This year prom-           and challenging as ever.
                                                           ises an exciting offering,          This is the most televised
                                                           from interviews and talks, to       mountain bike stage race in
                                                           discussion groups with SA’s         the world and the only eight-
                                                           leading authors. The diverse        day mountain bike stage race
                                                           programme touches on                classed as hors catégorie by
                                                           current affairs, politics, history  the Union Cycliste Interacio-
                                                           and adventure.                      nale (UCI). The Absa Cape
                                                                                               Epic also attracts aspiring
                                                           3 – 5 April                         amateur riders wanting to
                                                                                               test themselves against the
                                                           Sedgefield Slow Festival.           best. It is a full-service race,
                                                           Sedgefield | Tel: +27 (0)72 949     meaning that everything is
                                                           3002 |       taken care of from the start -
                                                           From humble beginnings in           all riders need to think about
                                                           2010, the Sedgefield Slow           is riding.
                                                           Festival has become one of
                                                           the areas great family festi-
                                                           vals. It’s all about returning to
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