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Cricket World Cup                                Letters to
Flag Quiz                                        Cemair

1. 8.                                            Dear Mark Andrews, Denise and the wonderful CemAir
2. 9.                                            ground staff and crew
3. 10.                                           I wanted to thank you for the privilege to have CemAir
4. 11.                                           operating from Plett, making travel to Johannesburg and
5. 12.                                           Cape Town so gentle and convenient. We have been lucky
6. 13.                                           to use your flights and each trip has been wonderful. From
7. 14.                                           the friendly and easy check-in through to arrival, travelling on
                                                 your beautiful and comfortable planes is an absolute joy. It
      BONUS QUESTION:                            is amazing to have the convenience of leaving from our local
      Where will you find this cricket stadium?  Plett Airport, saving us hours of driving to alternative airports.
                                                 The flights have been filled with nostalgia too, many years
                                                 ago we always flew directly to Plett and so many a memory
                                                 soaks us as you have reinstated this service.
                                                 The care shown for my mum travelling on her own from
                                                 Johannesburg to Plett this December was fabulous. From
                                                 the time she went through check-in, she was greeted and
                                                 booked by a caring and kind ground staff who made her feel
                                                 safe and secure. Your team ensured she had a stress-free
                                                 and very enjoyable trip to Plett, and again back to Johan-
                                                 nesburg travelling on her own. I wanted to acknowledge our
                                                 gratitude to CemAir for being so thoughtful and caring in
                                                 providing this personal service to the elderly like my mum.
                                                 In so doing you take away such anxiety of travelling alone
                                                 which in turn now allows us to have grandparents visit more
                                                 We are super grateful passengers and loyal supporters and
                                                 hope that we will be flying with you until we too will be grand-
                                                 parents and needing the special care that is offered to not
                                                 only people travelling with CemAir, but animals too coming to
                                                 spend holidays here in our wonderful town of Plett.
                                                 Wishing you a 2015 blessed with health, happiness and all
                                                 things good – looking forward to many more miles travelled
                                                 The Lubner/Reunert families

                                                 Well done to Miles, Laura and the CemAir Team!
                                                 Linking the South Coast to the world via OR Tambo Airport
                                                 has allowed me to spend a fantastic holiday soaking up the
                                                 sun and waves and now jump on a CemAir flight as the first
                                                 leg on my way to Philadelphia where it is now -10 degrees
                                                 Celsius! I might need to change the shorts?
                                                 Ben Samways
                                                 Ecosave, New South Wales

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