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Resolutely Leaping Into 2015

   Think before you jump….and then jump anyway!

New Year’s resolutions, by nature, come around but once                  If I continued to attempt to better my life using the same old tried
            a year. The 40 years that I have been on this planet has     and tested methods, then the same old tired and soul destroying
            given me 40 opportunities (well 26 if you count from         outcomes would be the end result. Albert Einstein defined insanity
            my first resolution) to ‘resolute’; to make myself a better  as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
 man by improving one or more areas of my life on the stroke             different results – so if change was needed to release me from
 of midnight (and only then!) at the turn of one year to another.        my own shackles of insanity, then change is what was required. A
 You name it; I’ve resolved to change it. Losing weight, stopping        new, deeper, extreme action was needed. Something that would
 smoking, going to the gym, cutting down on drinking, being more         encourage a reconnection with the primal ‘me’, the inner ‘me’, the
 patient with people, not getting angry with people when they don’t      ‘me’ that if contacted would respond by supplying a new zeal for
 say “thank you” when you stop at a zebra crossing for them to           life and with it the motivation and determination to tackle my previ-
 cross the road (you know who you are – staring straight ahead,          ously unsuccessful attempts at fulfilment – whatever that might be.
 walking with an apparent and misguided contempt for me, as if to
 acknowledge my generous but required action would break some            So with this new found enthusiasm, I set about discovering how
 kind of Pedestrian Commandment that the motorist doesn’t know           I could reach this inner utopia with, preferably, as little effort as
 about). The annual objective would vary, but the outcome would          possible. Only one word and one action would assist me in
 invariably remain the same – failure.                                   having this spiritual awakening that would change my life forever –
New Revelations
                                                                         That’s right, at the beginning of December I proudly announced
 However, 2014 has been a year of revelations for me, and one            to a few nearest and dearests that I was to jump from a structur-
 thing I have picked up is that if nothing changes, nothing changes.     ally sound road bridge into a 216 meter deep valley with only an

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