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elastic band keeping me from crashing into the rocks below. The         towards our destination, and maybe a new destiny. The Sullivan
problem with making such a decision in early December is that           family were in convoy which included my Dad, my step mum,
you have a full month to play out every possible outcome in your        sister and brother-in-law. Upon asking my Dad the night before
mind, over and over again. This wasn’t as bad in previous years         whether he would like to come and witness this ground breaking
as the resolutions were not as suicidal as this – in fact, resolutions  event, his response was a resounding “Bloody hell Andrew, I
of years gone by would actually help with the enjoyment of holiday      wouldn’t miss this for the world” which was said with an almost
season as I could offset the guilt, safe in the knowledge that come     sadistic excitement. A tad unsettling, I must say.
the 1st of Jan all would change.
                                                                        During the journey my unusual calmness had been replaced by
Countdown commencing                                                    the expected nerves and butterflies which were being kept in
                                                                        check, just, by my in-built emotional defence mechanisms which
I was able to park the feelings of abject fear during the yuletide      were operating on overdrive. The scene at the venue is stunning,
celebrations and enjoy the time with my family who had come to          truly stunning, not that I could actually enjoy it as my body and
visit from the UK. But as is the way with Christmas, it came and        mind had retreated into a kind of surreal numbness that was only
went with its usual hastiness. The weeks from my first announce-        focused on completing the job I had come to do. Let’s get on with
ment had turned into days in what seemed like minutes, and              it…….
before I knew it, my day of reckoning had arrived.
                                                                        I allowed myself a peak at the bridge from the great vantage point
I live in gloriously beautiful Plettenberg Bay, which amongst its       of the restaurant, as people flung themselves off and the realisa-
many benefits is only 40km’s down the N2 from the famous                tion hit me; that would be me in 45 minutes time. The admin and
Bloukrans Bungy – the highest bridge jump in the world! So the          attachment of harnesses went by in a quick blur, I wasn’t actually
morning of January 1st 2015 arrived, and I was surprised to feel        there – I don’t know where I was, but it definitely wasn’t there.
relatively calm while waiting to be collected by my ex-wife Lorna
and two beautiful daughters, Tilly and Molly. In fact, when I got in    I will be back, promise!
the car it was their fear that was palpable, not mine – which did
worry me somewhat. Especially Lorna, she had done the jump              I said my farewells to loved ones, which felt akin to a death row
before and knew exactly what I was about to go through, good            inmate saying his final goodbyes. There were a few tears before
and bad, whereas I was blissfully ignorant.                             I was led away by Leon, our awesome jump guide, along with
                                                                        17 equally petrified first- timers. Well 16 first timers and Roger.
Everything was going swimmingly as we cruised along the N2              Roger (not sure if that was his name, but he looked like a Roger).
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