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Safety is our priority Safety features specific to this aircraft can be found in the Passenger Briefing Card
                                              in the seat pocket in front of you. Your safety is the crew’s responsibility so please
                                              vcomply with their instructions at all times.

Carry-on baggage                                              For safety reasons your cabin    Seat Belts Please fasten your seatbelt whenever seated. For your safe-
                                    Portable electronic equip-baggage must fit into ap-                               ty, we suggest you keep it fastened throughout the flight.
                                       ment & Laptop computersproved stowage spaces.
                                                              Light weight hand luggage        Smoking Civil Aviation Regulations prohibit smoking on board all Ce-
                                                              should be placed under the                              mAir flights, including all electronic cigarettes.
                                                              seat in front of you if you are
                                                              flying in our Beech 1900 and     Please switch off all electronic     Important
                                                              if you are traveling in our      devices as they may interfere with   information
                                                              Bombardier CRJ then stow-        the aircraft avionics system. Cell-
                                                              age is provided under the        phones, e-readers and electronic     Refreshments
                                                              seat and in the overhead         tablets may only be used in ‘flight
                                                              compartment. Any baggage         mode’ once the aircraft is estab-    Refreshments are supplied
                                                              that cannot fit under the seat   lished in the cruise.                on board your flight. Please
                                                              will be tagged and placed in     Laptop computers (including          enjoy in moderation bear-
                                                              the cargo-hold. Emergency        CD-ROMS and DVD), hand held          ing in mind that your air-
                                                              Exits need to remain free of     calculators, electric shavers and    craft may not be equipped
                                                              obstructions at all times.       portable personal listening devices  with a toilet.
                                                                                               (including compact disk and mini
                                                                                               disk players) may be used during
                                                                                               flight. Any item that makes use of
                                                                                               a 3G or other internet connection
                                                                                               should be disabled or turned off.

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