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exchange rate being so bad,                Top: Private House Company in Plett. Bottom left: Londolozi
I might have to source more                 Game Reserve photographed by Elsa Young. Middle right:
items locally. It’s a catch 22                     Yvonne O'Brien. Bottom right: A home interior project.
situation though, because
sometimes the local cus-
tom made furniture is more
expensive than the imported
products. It is very hard to
compete with China – and
we’re seeing that the Euro-
peans may design the furni-
ture but it’s being manufac-
tured in China. When I source
furniture or accessories for
my shop it is like decorating
my own house. I buy only
what I love and what I use
in my decorating projects.
Sometimes I will dress up the
shop and then I get so upset
when someone buys it all
after I have made it look so
nice! But that’s the aim of the
exercise and I’m getting used
to it.”

Of course no interview is
complete without a few
Rapid Fire answers just for

I would never leave home
without my: iPhone and iPad.

When I am looking to de-
stress: I remove myself and

My biggest home décor pet
peeve is: leather sofas in all

The best advice I ever got:
was there are no rules but
when in doubt go bigger
rather than smaller.

What would surprise people
most about my job: is that it
is so not glamorous!!

It is always very encouraging
to see local talent thrive and
listening to Yvonne I am once
again inspired and impressed
by the calibre of designer
that South Africa has to offer.
May she continue to grow
and reach new heights as a
top-notch designer.

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