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While there, I took the liberty of asking Katherine
a few personal and business questions.

Q. What inspired you to open a       problem that gardening cannot          subtle colours. Clients are planting      Q. What do you like to do during
nursery?                             solve. When I feel a little under the  gardens that are easily maintained        your ‘down-time’?
A. “I’ve always had a passion for    weather or I miss my children, I       and as endemic to the area as pos-        A. “Owning and operating a nur-
trees and plants. From a tender      throw myself boots and all into my     sible. Vertical planting is all the rage  sery doesn’t afford me much free
age, I enjoyed my aunt’s beautiful   garden and before I realise it I’m     right now. Black petunias are the         time but when I am able to sneak
garden and it just seems second      all better again. I promote healing    most popular flowering plants.”           off for a quiet moment I love taking
nature to me. I used to hide in      of the soul through tilling the soil.                                            my dogs for a walk. I also lavish as
the garden when it was time to       And if I can bring joy to others by    Q. What is your favourite plant?          much attention as I can on my baby
go home. When I lived in the city    sharing trees and other plants from    A. “I love so many but if I absolu-       warthog, Hash, who has completely
I used to take my children to all    my nursery, I’m happy.”                tely had to choose one, it would be       stolen my heart.”
the nurseries in the area and we                                            the Baobab tree, possibly because it
would spend hours soaking up their   Q. What are the 2016 trends as you     transports me to the bush which is        The beauty and tranquillity of Dirt
beauty and tranquillity and feeding  see them for the industry?             where my heart truly lies.”               Therapy lingered with me long after
the ducks.”                          A. “Indoor plants are big this                                                   I left the estate. There’s something
                                     year such as bamboo palms and          Q. What is your favourite colour?         so relaxing and rejuvenating about
Q. What is the philosophy behind     succulents grown in baskets. There     A. “Green, any shade or hue.” (Good       spending time in the garden. I for
your nursery?                        seems to have been a shift from bri-   answer. Did I just see a glint in her     one am very grateful that such a
A. “I’ve never encountered a         ght, ‘smarties box’ colours to more    green eyes?)                              green retreat is flourishing.

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