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Why are                              money to look a little bit better.  Anderson, voluptuous, out-of-       “THE DAYS OF
            we being                 These aren’t the people going       shape breasts are gone,” says       HAVING THESE
            conditioned              under the knife to stretch their    well-known plastic surgeon          RIDICULOUSLY
not to like the way                  face, suck out the effects of       Dr Douglas Steinbrech of the        LARGE PAMELA
we look? We’re not                   overeating or inflate, deflate or   Gotham Plastic Surgery in New       ANDERSON,
stopping the clock.                  re-inflate parts of their bodies.   York. “People don’t want to be      VOLUPTUOUS,
We’re turning it back.               Instead, these are people who       top heavy. For 2016, buttocks are   OUT-OF-SHAPE
Chances are, if you                  believe that a little work will     the new breasts.”                   BREASTS ARE
have something done                  make a difference in their                                              GONE,” SAYS
when you’re 40, you’ll               careers and their perceptions       Also on the rise are cosmetic       WELL-KNOWN
need something                       of themselves and can afford to     procedures that don’t involve       PLASTIC
done at 45.                          pay for it.                         any surgery or anaesthesia.         SURGEON DR
                                                                         “Twenty years ago, a                DOUGLAS
Say plastic surgery and images       Good news for some of us,           cosmetic surgeon was just           STEINBRECH
of blown-up bosoms and               trends for this year tend to        that: a surgeon. Nonsurgical        OF THE
wrinkle-free foreheads typically     lean towards smaller breasts,       procedures basically consisted      GOTHAM
come to mind. But in medicine,       bigger butts, smaller labia         of dermabrasion, and filler         PLASTIC
as in fashion, trends come and       and a smoother, fattier face.       treatment was limited to            SURGERY IN
go. While many South Africans        Unfortunately, the larger           bovine collagen (both of which      NEW YORK.
are still going under the knife for  caboose has been seen more as       were performed mostly by            “PEOPLE DON'T
implants and face-lifts, a more      a ‘fluke’ rather than a long-term   dermatologists.) It wasn’t          WANT TO BE
specialised form of cosmetic         trend. Let’s take a peek at the     that surgeons did not want to       TOP HEAVY.
improvement has also taken           shiny new face of cosmetic          perform nonsurgical treatments;     FOR 2016,
root, where ample cabooses           surgery and wellness trends for     there just weren’t many that        BUTTOCKS
and strategically injected fillers   2016.                               existed,” said Dr Joe Niamtu via    ARE THE NEW
are the new normal, and where,                                           Cosmetic Surgery Times.             BREASTS.”
for a more substantial price,        SURGICAL PROCEDURES
interested die-hards can replace                                         For the ladies, lip augmentation
their own features with those        Liposuction and breast              procedures are expected to
of their favourite celebrity or      augmentation are still the most     continue in demand, but chin
fashion doll. And it’s not just      commonly done procedures,           and neck work will also be
women and corporate moguls           but plastic surgeons have           popular.
taking part. In increasing           seen cultural shifts and
numbers, your average Joe            breakthroughs in science that       And the guys? Men will be
— and even their pets — are          have boosted the popularity         seeking to get their chest or
getting in on the action, forking    of some less well-known             eyelids done in 2016. “Like
over hundreds of thousands           procedures. Most surprising         women, men are now feeling
of Rand to enhance everything        perhaps, was the 49% increase       pressure to look younger longer,
from their pecs to their poker       in 2015 for labiaplasty, a          both for economic and social
face.                                procedure to reduce the size of     reasons,” according to Self
                                     the labia minora, the inner labia   Magazine.
We all have that friend – the one    of female genitalia.
who is generally a happy person.                                         NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURES
She was reluctant to smile           According to a recent report in
because her teeth were badly         The New York Times, the hottest     Some people are not going
stained from a combination of        thing in plastic surgery for the    under the knife to have a full
genetic factors and possibly         year 2016 might be adding fat       facelift. Instead, they choose
antibiotics taken as a child.        instead of getting rid of it. This  a less invasive route which
Nobody really noticed, but she       will involve adding fat to certain  may make them look a little bit
did. Eventually, she paid close      parts of the body, like the face.   better, less tired, more energetic
to R100 000 or more to have          Hallelujah, I may make a quick      and younger. Let’s look at what’s
porcelain veneers put on her         fortune selling mine to those       new for the upcoming year and
teeth. She suddenly became           skinny Sandton babes who have       which existing non-invasive
more confident and felt much         been Banting and crunching          procedures will continue to gain
better about herself.                for decades! The procedure is       in popularity.
                                     called fat grafting or volumetric
Like your friend, there is a         restoration. How funny is that?     Non-surgical facelifts - Ever
growing number of people                                                 notice how small the faces of
who are spending serious             The bottom line…people will         Hollywood’s female superstars
                                     continue to seek a ‘more            are? That’s because an adorably
                                     natural look’ with cosmetic         little oval face with a V-shaped
                                     surgery. “The days of having        chin is the beautiful flavour of
                                     these ridiculously large Pamela     the month.

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