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                   If you can stay awake long enough to answer these questions, you’ll discover
                   whether or not you have an addiction to the pumped-up powers of caffeine.

                   1.	On average, how many                5.	Where do you usually drink     SO, ARE YOU
                   caffeinated beverages do you           caffeinated beverages?            0-2 d’s
                   drink in a day?                        A	 Home                           You are on the verge of becoming a
                   A	 1                                   B School                          caffeine addict. You like your coffee
                   B 2-3                                  C	 Work                           and soda, but for now you can get
                   C	4-6                                  D Anywhere and everywhere         through the day without one. Watch
                   D A whole pot or more                                                    your intake, you could become an
                                                          6.	 You walk into your local      addict at any moment.
                   2. 	How many days of the week                                            3-5 d’s
                                                          coffee shop, you…                 You enjoy the occasional caffeinat-
                   do you drink caffeinated               A	 Ask what’s good                ed beverage, but are by no means
                   beverages?                             B Grab anything not coffee        addicted. You know what modera-
                   A 1-2                                  C	Order a drink too long to       tion is and practice it. You sit back
                   B	 3-4                                                                   and laugh at those addicts who
                   C	 5-6                                   remember                        can’t go a day without their fix.
                   D7                                     D Order? They know what you 	 	   6-8 d’s
                                                                                            You are currently twitching waiting
                   3.	 How do you feel if you don’t         want                            for your next fix. You do not know
                                                                                            when to say “no” and cannot go a
                   get your morning fix?                  7.	 What time of day do you       day without a pick-me up. Put down
                   A	 Fine                                                                  the coffee cup. It is time to start
                   B I’m okay, just a little less 			 		  drink coffee or any other         drinking water and catching some
                   	 productive                           caffeinated beverage?             zzz’s.
                   C Significanlty less                   A	 Morning
                                                          B Afternoon
                     productive, grouchy                  C Evening
                   D I’m a monster, cross me and          D All day

                     suffer my wrath                      8.	How many days per week do

                   4.	 Your drink of choice is...         you have trouble sleeping due to
                   A	 Water                               A	 1-2
                   B Milk                                 B 3-4
                   C Soda                                 C 5-6
                   D Anything caffeinated                 D Everyday

                   Wordsearch: All things coffee

                   Whether you’re sipping your favourite coffee at the café, or enjoying a morning mug at
                   home, you’ll enjoy finding these 38 coffee-related words.


Photo courtesy of                                             aroma                         half and half
Coffee Unplugged                                              beverage                      hazelnut
                                                              brewed                        hot
                                                              caffeine                      iced
                                                              cappuccino                    instant
                                                              chicory                       latte
                                                              coffee                        milk
                                                              Columbia                      mug
                                                              cream                         organic
                                                              decaf                         percolate
                                                              drink                         roast
                                                              drip                          sip
                                                              espresso                      spoon
                                                              fair trade                    stir
                                                              filter                        swallow
                                                              French press                  thermos
                                                              French vanilla                Turkish
                                                              frothy                        whipped
                                                              grind                         whole bean

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