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                     PLEASE KEEP SHARING THE LOVE...

                  Dear CemAir,                                                 Dear Team CemAir,
                  This Monday we were stuck in Bloemfontein with a storm       I flew with your airline on the 26th of December (Margate
                  in Johannesburg. Since it was rain, we were thankful and     to OR Tambo). I would just like to say thank you for your
                  everyone’s spirits were high, but still we were delayed      exceptional service and flight. I live in the UK and travel
                  by more than two hours. Your friendly ground staff, Lexi,    a reasonable amount across various countries - the level
                  arranged for free coffee for all of us. GREAT PR!!!          of service I received surpasses many of the top airlines I
                  Danny Myburgh (via fly CemAir Facebook page)                 have flown with. Keep going!
                                                                               Stephan Marks

          YOUR    Dear CemAir,                                                 To the CemAir Team,
    FRIENDLY      Great Pilot work today coming in to Plett from JHB. Had      I just wanted to send a special email of thanks to Zania
     GROUND       to do the instrument approach and search for gaps in the     (at your ticket/sales office in ORT) for going out of her
 STAFF, LEXI,     clouds.                                                      way recently to help me with a “car key” issue that I had
  ARRANGED        I was resigned already to a bus from George. A lucky         following my recent CemAir flight from Plett to Joburg.
    FOR FREE      break in the clouds allowed to see the Plett runway and      She was extremely helpful, proactive and patient – all
COFFEE FOR        manage a smooth landing.                                     qualities that I believe CemAir endeavours to identitify
                  Awesome job Cemair! To the 2 responsible people up-          and develop in your staff, and you are clearly succeeding.
             ALL  front, awesome skill with the relevant level of reticence    I would also like to thank the CemAir ground and air
         OF US.   to change your mind had conditions dictated. Happy           crews for the great service that my husband and I
   GREAT PR!!!    customer.                                                    enjoyed this holiday during our various flights between
                  Anton Muller (via fly CemAir Facebook page)                  George, Joburg and Plett – it was honestly some of the
                                                                               best service we have experienced on any airline (local
                  Dear CemAir,                                                 or international) – and we would like to encourage your
                  I can only say that I’ve had excellent experiences           entire team to keep up the good work. Thank you and well
                  with CemAir. Today, I had the most helpful and               done!
                  accommodating booking service, the personal and              Catherine Chamberlain
                  friendly check-in service and convenient flights are great.
                  I will happily recommend CemAir!
                  Izabi van Wyk (via fly CemAir Facebook page)

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