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                                                                                                                   Terrence van Wyk, aircraft fuel
                                                                                                                   attendant and all-round nice guy!

SUSTAINABILITY:                      or patio – very ‘Plett Style’ with     Grahamstown areas, but are proud       Beech 1900 and is expecting his
it’s a movement that                 magnificent views of mountains,        and excited to continue their work     1900 wings as we publish this
has taken off in the                 forests and of course a front row      at the Plett Airport.                  issue. “It’s such a blessing to work
airport community,                   seat to the runway. Interim Airport                                           here at the Plett Airport, I am
as new construction                  Manager, Russel Honeywell says,        Beverly September joined the           always meeting such nice people.
and renovation of                    “We are busy with electrifying and     team six months ago as a cashier,      I have been coming here for the
existing properties                  lighting of the ‘precinct’ – or area   alongside baggage handler              past 15 years now. The first time as
become the backbone                  of the terminal. This is an added-     Terrence van Wyk. Terrence was         a rugby player for SWD and now
of smaller airports                  value service for our guests to        a former Airlink employee and          as a representative for CemAir.
throughout the country.              allow for a safer and more secure      brings with him many years of          It’s a small airport, but lovely to
In Plettenberg Bay,                  environment during the evenings.       airline and customer service           work from. It has a personal vibe
the Bitou Municipality               We recently had our annual             experience. He is a ‘Plettonian’       which goes well with my studies
and CemAir have been                 CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)         at heart and resides in the area.      and general interest in Human
transforming a once                  Inspection, overall a great report     “I really enjoy my job here at         Resources. CemAir, is the most
small, insignificant                 with a few minor issues that are       the Plett Airport, it’s not too far    personal airline so this ties in
one-room building into               currently being addressed as part      for me to travel and I have been       beautifully.”
a mini-transport hub                 of the ongoing development and         given opportunities to grow my
since March 2014.                    maintenance of the Plett Airport.”     experiences. With these courses        Mark Andrews and Reinart van der
                                                                            come additional responsibilities       Merwe complete the Cemair team
Over a period of almost two years,   In March 2014, the building itself     which I am happy to tackle. My         at the Airport.
a great deal of time and money       had a complete facelift. Interior      job has become more exciting with
has been spent to upgrade the        and exterior walls received coats      the introduction of CemAir to the         MOVING FORWARD IN 2016
building and service offered by      of quality paint, interior areas were  airport. There was a slow time,
this small gem of an airport.        wallpapered with iconic views of       but not so anymore. It’s nice to be       Future plans for this small,
                                     Plett and local business donated       busy and work with everyone from          intimate airport include:
Most recently, the Bitou             funding for waiting area furniture,    the different teams,” says van Wyk.       •	 erection of a water
Municipality has secured a           the upgrade of garden areas and
contract with Air BP to reinstall    additional seating.                    The four ground employees have                    tower as an emergency
two fuel tanks at the airport; 32                                           recently received certification                   water supply
000 litres in each – one holding     BITOU MUNICIPALITY AIRPORT             with Air BP as official aircraft fuel     •	 sourcing additional
jet fuel and the other AV Gas. It’s  STAFF FOR 2016                         attendants. Additional staff may                  land to be utilised
taken approximately one year for                                            be brought in depending upon the                  as hangar space for
all the legal and administrative     Administration of the Plett Airport    proposed increase of activity and                 private clients
approvals to come to fruition and    is currently placed in the capable     need for additional assistance            •	 installation of runway
now they are proud to announce       hands of Russel Honeywell, the         with new projects.                                lights that will allow
fuel is available for public         Bitou Municipality Local Economic                                                        later arrivals and earlier
purchase.                            Development Officer. Newly             CEMAIR STAFF FOR 2016                             departures
                                     appointed Kholiswa Masiza has                                                    •	 runway rehabilitation
Most recently, the airport           been added as the Administrative       The CemAir team on the ground                     (which is planned
has undergone cosmetic               and Operations Assistant.              in Plett includes Johan Etsebeth,                 during night hours), this
improvements which include a                                                the Reservations Representative                   work is scheduled to be
new outside ‘holding area’ for       Two veterans of the airport, Patrick   and Ramp Control Specialist. He                   completed by late April
passengers. The area looks a         Mxuma and Benjamin Teyise,             has been assigned to the Plett                    2016
bit like a large covered porch       have seen a few transformations        location since February 2015 and          •	 removal of trees on the
                                     of this space over 15 years            has been with CemAir for just over                approach path of the
                                     as maintenance workers and             14 months. He is a commercial                     runway from both sides
                                     baggage handlers. Both worked          pilot and is currently undergoing                 (120 and 300)
                                     at airports in the Port Alfred and     a type rating to be able to fly the       •	 renovations and
                                                                                                                              upgrades to the
6 | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2016 CEMAIR SKYNEWS                                                                                      terminal building
                                                                                                                      •	 resurfacing and re-
                                                                                                                              marking of the apron
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