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PHOTO ShowMe Plett  A letter from the CEO

                           Autumn arrives
                                                                                  in South Af-
                                                                                  rica bringing
                                                                                  fresh morn-
                                                                   ings and earlier evenings.
                                                                   With the collection of
                                                                   autumn public holidays
                                                                   upon us South Africans
                                                                   once again gather in their
                    favourite places to enjoy all the beauty that this time of year
                    has to offer.
                    	 CemAir continues to improve the service we offer to our
                    customers as we live the philosophy of being South Africa’s
                    most personal airline. An important part of the on-board
                    experience is enjoying quality food and we recently partnered
                    with Foodirections to provide a business-class experience for
                    all our passengers. Foodirections is a Comair subsidiary estab-
                    lished to produce the highest quality catering for their British
                    Airways and Kulula brands. Operating out of an impressive Jet
                    Park facility Foodirections has spent years attending to every
                    detail so that you can enjoy the freshest, healthiest meals on
                    our flights. We are delighted to be their first airline customer
                    outside of the Comair Group and we hope you enjoy the meal
                    they prepared for you today.
                    	 On the 2nd of March we proudly launched our daily
                    service from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein. This route is
                    our first domestic schedule service using one of the CemAir
                    Bombardier CRJ aircraft. At jet speeds the flights last just 35
                    minutes with a gate-to-gate time of only 50 minutes. The new
                    service has been received enthusiastically by the community
                    as a convenient alternative to the state owned operator which
                    previously enjoyed a monopoly on the route. We are looking
                    forward to serving the Bloemfontein community reliably for
                    years to come with punctuality, friendliness and pride.
                    	 We are also pleased to announce the acquisition of a
                    further two Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft. The aircraft have
                    been purchased from Delta Airlines and will join our fleet
                    during May of this year. These late model aircraft will further
                    enhance our capacity and allow us to explore new opportuni-
                    ties in South Africa and beyond.
                    	 Our contract operations continue to grow and we are
                    pleased to be working with Air Tanzania and Air Botswana
                    to provide domestic and regional services for these established
                    names in the industry. Shortly we will again be working with
                    our friends at Proflight Zambia as the high season kicks off
                    in their country. We hope soon to commence operations with
                    new partners in Angola and Pakistan.
                    	 Thank you for choosing to fly CemAir. I hope our fine
                    team are taking exceptional care of you and that you are en-
                    joying your journey. We welcome your feedback either directly
                    or through social media. Have a great flight.

                    Miles van derMolen

                    CemAir CEO and owner,
                    Miles van der Molen
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