Page 40 - CemAir SkyNews April & May 2015
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1.	 Is red wine made from red           Bikers use when in the
      grapes or white grapes?           lowest gear on a bike?
                                  9.	 What kind of French wine
2.	 Between which two                   is traditionally made from
      countries was the longest         the Pinot Noir grape?
      mountain bike race in the   10.	 What city in South Africa is
      world held? (Hint: they           otherwise known as ‘The
      rode over the continental         City of Roses’?
      divide in the Rockies)      11.	 “Slaint” is a typical toast in
                                        which country?
3.	 Where does CemAir’s           12.	 What town is the only offi-
      newest route fly to?              cial “Slow Town” in South
4.	 How many standard wine        13.	 How many flowers must
      bottles equals one Nebu-          a worker bee visit before
      chadnezzar?                       it can make a pound of
5.	 What is the only insect to    14.	 What is used to make
      produce food for humans?          the blue streaks in blue
6.	 Who is the only female        15.	 What does MCC stand for
      hotelier to have ever been        in the wine industry?
      part of the Relais & Châ-
      teaux Group?

7.	 What was Dom Perignon’s
      occupation when he
      invented Champagne?

8.	 What term do Mountain
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