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It’s almost that time of year where we love to show off the collection of South Africa’s most popular heritage
– wildlife. Word to the wise; know what you are sighting and get some background info on the species and its
behaviour. These mobile applications and gadgets help you to locate, identify and understand the wild animals

                                           and birds that you encounter in the bush.

 iOS | Anroid :: FREE                        iOS :: R50 +/-                                iOS :: R100 +/-

Postagram                                   Whale Watching                                African-Sasfari Wildlife Guide

Download the free Postagram app and         This is a special application for every       This may just be the ultimate wildlife
use it to create postcards from your        passionate whale and dolphin whatcher!        app. The big bonus is that you can
safari holiday which can be delivered       Take short descriptions for all species       download the images and articles onto
by mail to anywhere in the world. The       with you and use them offline, docu-          your mobile device before you go on
photo pops out as a 3x3 inch photo          ment your own whale sightings. The            safari. This means you can access all the
print, so you can keep it forever. You can  app helps you to identify species by a        info without an internet connection –
personalise it with a profile photo of      number of sophisticated filter mecha-         often absent in the heart of the African
yourself and it can be delivered            nisms. Depending on your location, only       bush. Main features include Wikipedia
anywhere in the world. Choose photos        relevant species are shown. The app           articles, an image picker, searching
from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram       includes habitat maps with photos or          capabilities and landscape and portrait
or Dropbox or just take a photo within      drawing, image galleries and the option       modes.
the app. Easy capeezy!                      to send your sightings. (by Baliza GmbH)

 GADGET :: R14 000 +/-                       GADGET :: R2 025 +/-                          GADGET :: Price on demand

Zeiss Conquest Binoculars                   OverBoard BACKPACK                            Asmara Safari Sunglasses

The Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 Binocu-          Perfect for water sports and all types of     These artisanal, handmade Italian
lars are lightweight field glasses ideal    activities, the OverBoard Waterproof          polarized sunglasses feature tempe-
for handling the rigors of daytime ob-      Backpack protects your gear from              red mineral glass lenses adapted for
servation, stalking and mountain treks.     water, sand, dirt and dust. Thanks to a       adventures where light conditions vary
They combine the legendary optical          unique seamless construction and roll         from blazing rays to shadowy depths.
performance of Carl Zeiss lenses with       top sealing system, the backpack is           The double mirrored lenses darken
rugged, ergonomic design in a tough         100% waterproof and suitable for quick        around the upper and lower area to give
package. Very cool and make you look        submersion so you can take it out on          protection from the glaring rays that hit
like a pro.                                 the water. It even floats safely if it slips  from above and reflect from the sand
                                            overboard.                                    or water. The 100% UV and infrared
                                                                                          protection block intense heatwaves that
                                                                                          interfere with visual comfort.

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