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language of spiritual exercise in the  jewel of a coastal village on the      probably won’t sweat much, but            YOU ARE
United States, crossing many lines     south coast of KwaZulu Natal           you should leave the class feeling      BEAUTIFUL
of religion and cultures. Every day,   is one such retreat. It’s run by a     longer, looser and very chilled.
millions of people practice yoga to    psychotherapist specialising in        Iyengar is a very meticulous style       EXACTLY
improve their health and overall       trauma and focusing on gently          of yoga, with utmost attention           THE WAY
well-being. That’s why we’re           achieving wellbeing in a tranquil      paid to finding the proper                YOU ARE
encouraging everyone to take           environment. They offer therapy        alignment in a pose. To achieve
part in PALA (Presidential Active      for clients that may be suffering      this goal a wide array of yoga          Namaste
Lifestyle Award), so show your         from burnout, the effects of a         props such as blocks, blankets,
support for yoga and answer the        stressful corporate environment,       straps, chairs, bolsters and a rope     It's not your history but
challenge.” Quite an endorsement       bereavement, divorce, etc. Their       wall are all common. Teachers of        your presence on your
Mr. President. I wonder if Donald      unique offering is the opportunity     this type of yoga have to undergo
Trump has a rug?                       to have psychotherapy in a holistic    comprehensive training so if you              mat that matters.
                                       and peaceful environment, away         have an injury, then Ivengar is
Not sure what to wear to yoga          from the stresses of city life. The    probably your best and safest
class? Not a problem…go in your        emphasis is on healthy living,         choice of yoga. Restorative yoga
birthday suit. Seriously. Nude         healthy eating and cuisine that is     is everyone’s friend. It’s a fantastic
yoga is all the rage. At the risk of   geared towards light food.             way to relax and get your mojo
catching an eyeful of something                                               back after a stressful week at the
you wish you could sooner forget,      If a retreat is simply not on the      grindstone. Passive poses with
this new bending in the buff craze     cards for you at this stage and you    very little if any exertion is the key
has tongues wagging. It would          are looking for a yoga studio near     here. Sounds like a winner. If you
seem the craze ignited when            you, then rest assured. There are a    are a fan of ‘Swan Lake’ then you
Nude Yoga Girl burst onto the          plethora of studios to choose from.    will probably enjoy Vinyasa yoga,
Instagram scene and captured           According to Kate Hanley (yoga         big on fluid, movement-intensive
the attention of yogis all over.       teacher and freelance writer), there   practices. Teachers choreograph
Sharing black-and-white pics of        are eight major styles of yoga         their classes to smoothly
herself twisting and contorting her    to choose from, each offering a        transition from pose to pose, and
lithe, nude body into various yoga     unique experience and workout.         often play music to keep things
poses, this former model, who          The key is to find the one that        lively. If you hate routine and love
wishes to remain anonymous,            suits you best. For you beginners      to test your physical limits, then
reveals every inch of her toned,       out there, here is an easy guide to    this is the one for you.
taut figure. She told Daily Mail       yoga. Anusara is a relative newbie
Online that the message she            to the yoga world. Classes, which
wants to promote with her page         are specifically sequenced by the
is that of body acceptance (if my      teacher to explore one of Friend’s
body looked that way, I would          Universal Principles of Alignment,
be only too happy to accept it).       are rigorous for the body and the
Because of the app’s strict no-        mind. Ashtanga yoga is based on
nudity rule, she has very skillfully   ancient yoga teachings and is a
disguised her intimate parts with      rigorous style of yoga that follows
clever shadow photography and          a specific sequence of postures.
uses Photoshop to edit out a           Always performing the exact same
cheeky nipple here and there. ‘On      poses in the exact same order,
the whole’ the photos are very         this is a hot, sweaty, physically
tastefully done and it’s amazing to    demanding practice. Bikram yoga
see how supple the body can be.        is wildly popular, making it one of
Nude Yoga Girl is big on promoting     the easiest types of classes to find.
body positivity - ‘You are beautiful   Be warned though. Classes are
exactly the way you are.’ Phew,        held in artificially heated rooms
thank goodness, right?! Now            so you will sweat like you’ve never
before you scamper to find the old     sweated before as you work your
digital camera and start clicking      way through a series of 26 poses
away, let’s have a look at where       that are always followed in the
and how you can start your yoga        same sequence. Hot yoga is a
experience.                            subtle twist on Bikram, as the
                                       room is also heated and you are
Health retreats offering yoga,         guaranteed to sweat profusely,
meditation and the like are as         however the class deviates from
plentiful today as the threads on      the Bikram sequence in a few
quality yoga hemp pants (as those      ways.
who prefer to remain clothed
during classes will concur). The       Hatha yoga is a generic term
mesmerising sounds of the gong         that refers to any type of yoga
can be heard from Pilanesberg          that teaches physical postures
to Pofadder and purveyor of            including almost every type of
pretzel-like poses are happily         yoga class taught in the West.
sharing the love. Fountain House       Here you will be introduced to the
Retreat, a luxury villa set in a       most basic yoga postures and you

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