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We spoke to Philippa, who owns and runs INNER SPACE YOGA SOUND AND MOTION in Plettenberg Bay. Hosting classes in picturesque
outdoor settings overlooking the bay, her classes are a treat. Trained at the famous Sanctuary Resort and Spa in Thailand by well-known
and highly knowledgeable yoga therapist Shy Sayar, Philippa has this to say about life and yoga. “When we feel spacious and clear inside
we can move through life with more ease and grace, experiencing a lightness of being and overall sense of wellness and joy. Through
practicing yoga regularly we dissolve unnecessary blockages and stress within, climb deeper into ourselves to embody all that we are, and
consciously connect with our higher selves through committed focus and motion. When our inner space is shiny and bright, our outer space
generally reflects the same!” Not much more to be said really. Namaste.

                                         Tid-bit of info

                                       The first international day of Yoga was
                                      observed the world over on 21 June 2015.
                                      About 35 000 people, including Indian

                                        Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a
                                       large number of dignitaries, performed
                                       21 Yoga asanas (yoga postures) for 35
                                        minutes at Rajpath in New Delhi. The
                                       day devoted to Yoga was observed by
                                      millions across the world and the event
                                        at Rajpath established two Guinness
                                      World Records – largest Yoga Class with
                                        35 985 people and the record for the

                                        most nationalities (84) participating.
                                      Must have been a delight for ‘rug’ (yoga

                                             mat) merchants everywhere!

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