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Contributing writer, Julian Freimond (Divisional Director – Wildlife) from
SATIB shares insights on insurance “must haves” in the travel industry

The hospitality, tourism            incidents involving staff or       and require highly specialised     DUE TO THE
         and wildlife industry      guests, ranging from mild          understanding and insurance        LARGE INFLUX
         in Southern Africa,        medical advice, reports and        cover to facilitate protection     OF “HIGH
         although buoyant,          assistance with bush fires         should incidents occur. Very       NET WORTH”
vibrant and market leaders in       and flooding, road accident        few highly experienced and         INTERNATIONAL
its offerings of  destinations      events which may require           specialised brokers and            VISITORS',
of superb quality and value         management assistance in           insurers operate in these areas,   GENERAL
for money, is also fraught with     arranging towing services,         SATIB being one of them.           PUBLIC LIABILITY
pitfalls which if not properly      ambulances and the like, to        A further specialised and          NEEDS TO BE
managed, can be expensive,          crises situations whereby on       highly intricate insurance         AT THE TOP OF
unpleasant and lead to              site medical staff, or road/air    product offered by a handful       ANY SERVICE
business failure.                   emergency evacuations are          of insurers, is the all risks of   PROVIDERS LIST
Due to the large influx of          required. Incidents risking life,  mortality cover offered to the     OF INSURANCE
‘’high net worth’’ international    limb, money, loss of reputation,   game farming industry. High        PROTECTION.
visitors, general public liability  property and asset damage          values species of game are
needs to be at the top of           or business interruption. If       traded on a regular basis in
any service providers list of       handled correctly by the 24        the wildlife ranching industry
insurance protection, especially    crisis call centre, the patient/   throughout the year and risks
when considering the value of       guest/incident would be            associated with the capture,
our local vs. foreign currency. If  treated and assisted by            transportation, relocation and
found liable for injury, accident   professionals providing quality    breeding of these valuable
or any other incident occurring     service, thus mitigating the       animals, are vast. Accidental
while as a guest of your            risk of further liable suits       death due to injury, disease,
establishment, claims could run     against the service, lodge or      illness, poaching, stress, fire
into huge sums of money, often      establishment as well as saving    and lightning are a few of the
in foreign currency! Brokers        lives in many instances!           perils for which these assets
and insurers with adequate          Intimate understanding of the      need cover via specialised
insurance facilities, are able      industry and its requirements,     brokers and insurers, to
to offer policies in either S.A.    A-rated international as well      provide relevant protection,
Rand or US$, ranging from R1        as local insurers/policies         commensurate to the risks.
to R200 Million. The amount         and regular consultation with
suitable to each business           clients’ needs and offerings       So there you have it, a
would be determined by              are essentials to providing        breakdown of insurance needs
turnover as well as the level of    adequate insurance cover to        for tourism providers and
client accommodated.                the hospitality and wildlife       visitors to tourism services and
Linked to the above, there are      sectors of the market. White       products. Keep this in mind
specialist insurance brokers        water rafting, bungee jumping,     when you start planning your
who couples a risk mitigation       hot air ballooning, high speed     trip to ensure the safety of your
service to their policies, by way   jet boat activities, whale and     loved ones.
of 24 hour crisis call centres      dolphin watching, shark diving
which fields calls from policy      and so on, are all activities      For more information, visit
holders who may experience          offered by the tourism industry or email
                                    which are highly specialised

                                                                                                          Enjoy your adventurous
                                                                                                          holiday knowing you are
                                                                                                          well covered.

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