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Garden Route’s Gastronome: Simon Ash of The Fat Fish

Whether you want a spicy date            Both restaurants’ interior have an               Top: Special centre
night on the town or a laidback          assured charm of a modern restaurant       table feature at The Fat
lunch with the fam, The Fat Fish         situated on the edge of sun-kissed
has you covered...                       paradise: trendy bespoke Riempie                           Fish in Plett.
                                         chairs; smooth and sleek wooden               Above: 15 metre water
With a touch of beach culture            accents; intricate floor design. It          trough in the garden at
           and modern flair, this        continues on the menu, a funky              The Fat Fish in George.
           restaurant does one thing     newspaper style publication, forthright       Right: Smoked Salmon
exceedingly well: seafood, both finned   and unfussy.                                   Fish Cakes with Trout
and in the shell. That may sound like    The menu has a carefully thought-
damning with faint praise, but it’s      out elegance. “I didn’t want it to be all        Roe and Red Bridge
what Simon Ash envisioned when he        fish – I wanted to do relatively simple                      Craft beer
opened his seafood and continental       menus where everything is good and
restaurant along the main beachfront     fresh,” said Simon, noting that the        Photos from The Fat Fish
of Plettenberg Bay, and most recently    emphasis is on locally sourced meats,
in the centre of George further down     seafood and vegetables. Intrepid
the coast.                               palates should seek out the tapas
                                         menu, a selection of beautifully crafted
Tables are usually packed in his         savoury dishes like spring rolls with
casual and elegant restaurants, so it’s  slow roasted lamb and spring onion
best to secure a reservation at either   and pork wontons with sweet soy
location. The long table in the middle   and sesame seeds; rich and decadent
of the Plett restaurant is one of the    treats. For less adventurous eaters,
best spots to enjoy the sautéed black    there are fine renditions of staples like
mushroom with local mussels baked        fish and chips in beer batter and fried
in the oven with a Parmesan cheese       baby calamari.
gratin and served with a glass of local  Simon and his staff work the front and
Newstead Chardonnay or chilled           back of the house collaboratively. This
bottle of craft beer. The outside patio  guarantees an all-rounded experience.
of the Plett store offers breezy views   Another thing The Fat Fish does
of the Indian Ocean and front-row        exceedingly well? Dessert.
seats to tourists enjoying the beach.    Current favourite in George is the
The relaxed atmosphere of the garden     Coconut Milk Crème Caramel with
in George will entice you to enjoy the   ginger and chilli marinated litchis and
tempura prawns with homemade             in Plett the Hazelnut meringue served
sweet and sour sauce or tuck into the    with lashings of cream and seasonal
Burmese styled seafood curry.            berries.

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