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*Letters may be subject to slight editing.

                     PLEASE KEEP SHARING THE LOVE...

        SO OFTEN      Dear CemAir,                                                      gratitude to be passed on to Alicia (the flight attendant).
       THERE ARE      Good morning. I flew with CemAir in February and would            Thank you so much CemAir.
   PEOPLE WHO         like to compliment you on your service. So often there            See you soon,
     MAY NOT BE       are people who may not be recognised for the excellent            Robert Pryce 
    RECOGNISED        work they do. I want to bring to your attention that I found
                      all the CemAir staff I have experienced are extremely             Dear CemAir,
          FOR THE     professional, friendly and happy to assist in any way.            Today I was desperately looking for flights from JHB to
      EXCELLENT       I ordered a special meal (gluten free) for my flight. The         Bloem to get my husband to assist my son with his long
     WORK THEY        hostess told me as soon as I got on the plane that they           road trip to Durban. I had never heard of your airline and
 DO. I WANT TO        had organised this special request, and ensured I received        came across it in my desperate search. My husband was
BRING TO YOUR         it at the same time as the other passengers.                      booked on the 6:30pm flight and got stuck in very bad
      ATTENTION       I would highly recommend Cemair to all.                           traffic on route to the airport. At 5:30pm he was still 6km’s
  THAT I FOUND        Kind regards,                                                     away at which point I contacted your airline and spoke to
ALL THE CEMAIR        Cindy James, Joburg                                               Zania. She was extremely helpful and called the check-in
    STAFF I HAVE                                                                        staff to confirm that he was on his way and gave them his
   EXPERIENCED        Dear Mr van der Molen,                                            direct cellphone number. WHO DOES THIS? I know for
ARE EXTREMELY         On behalf of my mom, my dad and myself, we would                  sure if it was any other airline I would have got “well sorry,
PROFESSIONAL,         like to say a huge thank you to you, and your staff for           nothing we can do”. Thankfully he got there at 6pm and
  FRIENDLY AND        everything you have done. Although this period has been           made the flight.
                      trying, your generosity has shown us that there are indeed        THANK YOU CEMAIR.
        HAPPY TO      real live angels on this earth. My dad is safe and sound at       I wish you were flying to more areas. I will recommend
   ASSIST IN ANY      Flora Clinic and recovering well, doctors’ hope he will be        your airline to one and all.
                      discharged soon.  When he and my mom were told of your            Please thank Zania again for me.
                WAY.  kindness they were both in tears – there are simply no            Kindest Regards,
                      words to describe the gratitude they feel.                        Karla Futter
                      My mom cannot stop talking about the professionalism
                      shown by staff during her various flights; making things          Happy New Year to CemAir,
                      that much easier during a very stressful time. We look            Just a BIG thank you for our recent travels from Margate
                      forward to utilising the airline’s services for our first family  to OR Tambo.
                      seaside holiday at the end of this year.                          We were scheduled to fly back on the Sunday but due to
                      Best wishes,                                                      unfortunate events at home we needed an earlier flight.
                      Shannon Atherfold, Joburg                                         Arrangements were made swiftly and painless. The ladies
                                                                                        at head office were so friendly and helpful with seat
                      Dear CemAir,                                                      confirmation as well as changing flights. The flight and
                      Earlier in December 2015 I travelled from Plettenberg             crew were the best. Flight attendant Louise made our
                      Bay to Johannesburg to catch a connecting BA flight to            travels very relaxing. 
                      Heathrow. When booking I thought that the price was               I will definitely refer CemAir to all of my friends, family and
                      high and I was tempted to fly from George. However little         strangers. We have a holiday home in Margate which has
                      did I know that in addition to saving on travelling costs         made travelling much more convenient by flying direct
                      and time to the airport, the price included a complimentary       from JHB. Keep up the good work and we will be travelling
                      meal, snacks and sweets as well as a wide range of drinks         with you guys soon.
                      and top service from our flight attendant. I was also             Thank you,
                      worried about catching my connection but our attendant            Natie, South Coast
                      jumped to the rescue and arranged for me to be specially
                      escorted to my connecting flight to London. I was so
                      happy to receive this level of service.
                      I think you guys have done a great job and I wish my
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