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There were no qualified land surveyors at the time   and Bushbuckridge) got its name. Thulamahashe
          in South Africa and thus they had to be brought in   translated means “the dust of the horses” and refers
          from Europe – three of the main surveyors coming   to the dust that would be created whenever the
          into the area included Von Weilligh (after whom the   horses would ride out from the Mpisane Fort.
          large Baobab in The Kruger National Park is named),
          Vos and Gillfillan.                   Once Steinaecker’s Horse had been disbanded,
                                                some of the remaining individuals who had fallen
          While the land surveyors were in South Africa,   in love with the region – such as Harry Wolhuter
          Kruger declared that they should also officially mark   remained and were then largely responsible for the
          out the various farm boundaries for the farms and   development of the Kruger National Park, which was
          regions along the Drakensberg mountains before   officially proclaimed in 1926.
          returning back to Europe.
                                                Prior to this, In 1910, after WWI, the Selati Railway
          All the exceptionally large farms – such as the   was built and traversed over the farm of Hoedspruit.
          original Hoedspruit farm, were then divided up into   Although originally established for transport
          smaller registered farms (although still belonging to   reasons, passenger travel also became popular and
          and being run by a single farmer). It was then up to   together with this, the need for stops along the way
          these European Land Surveyors to give names to all   to allow for passengers to alight and disembark
          the official farms that they were formalizing and with   from the trains, was identified.
          little knowledge of any local cultures, languages
          or aspects, all the farms were then given European   The five main stops that were initially identified on
          names of cities, states and countries that they were   and alongside the Hoedspruit Farm include, Klaserie
          obviously familiar with. Thus it is that we currently   Town, Kapama, Hoedspruit, Olifanttank and Mica.
          live in an area where official farm names include   This has led to the growth of the Hoedspruit town as
          names such as Essex, Madrid, Berlin, Richmond,   it is known today.
          Chester, Moscow, Dublin, Dundee, Fife etc.
                                                In the early nineteen-fifties Schalk Roos and his son
          From the late 1800’s to early 1900’s Abel Erasmus   Piet Roos – originally from Brits, purchased the farm
          and his business partner Org Basson had a very   next door to the Hoedspruit farm, the farm Berlin.
          successful transport business transporting mine   They intended to register the town of Hoedspruit as
          equipment between the upcoming mines in the   an official town and development.
          Gravellote area and the port at Lourenço Marques
          (Maputo).                             In 1952, they then built the first General Dealers and
                                                an accompanying motor repair shop alongside the
          A crucial resource in their business was their span of   railway line. The original foundation of this shop is
          “Geel-bek” oxen. Abel had a breeding stock of these   still visible in the old building that used to be home
          oxen that he was very proud of and kept the core   to the Game Ranch Management offices in the old
          breeding stock secure at his farm “Orinoco” near the   section of Hoedspruit.
          Mpisane Fort situated in Rolle (near Thulamahashe)
          – named after a Shangaan Chief in the region called   Following this, a mill and a small hotel was built,
          Mpisane Nxumalo.                      the Hotel Coepieba. The name Coepieba was
                                                developed by the original owner – Barend Basson
          At this very same time, a garrison of British soldiers   and was a combination of his name and his family
          was seconded to the area that was infamously   and friends – Coert Steinberg, a friend, contributed
          known as Steinaeckers Horse. A volunteer military   to the Coe portion of the name, Piet, who was his
          unit that fought on the side of the British during the   bank manager, contributed to the Pie portion of the
          Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), it operated mainly in   name and the remaining Ba was taken from his
          the Lowveld of South Africa and Swaziland.  son’s name – also called Barend, thus all combined
                                                gives us the name Coe..pie…ba. Although the original
          The core purpose of this garrison was to intercept   building has changed and has been rebuilt as the
          any potential shipment of arms being sent by the   Sunset View Shopping, the name still exists as the
          Dutch to the Boers in the Transvaal via Lourenço   Hotel Fort Coepieba on the property adjacent and is
          Marques and moving into the interior. In addition   still in the centre of town.
          to this, they were also instructed to burn down the
          homesteads of any boers that were suspected of
          assisting with the shipping of guns to the Boers,
          however, before doing so, the soldiers reportedly
          emptied out the homesteads of all valuables which
          were kept for themselves before the homesteads
          were then set alight. This earned them the additional
          name of The Forty Thieves.
                                                            Blyde River Canyon - part
          It is also due to the activities of Steinaeckers Horse   of the Kruger2Canyons
          that Thulamahashe (situated between Acornhoek                  biosphere.

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