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                                                                    A very warm welcome aboard your CemAir flight. As always, we
                                                                    are delighted to have you with us and I hope my team is taking
                                                                    the very best care of you as we fly you to your chosen destination.
 We understand the complexities involved in foreign trade.          As the cooler weather takes grip over the country, crisp cool clear
                                                                    skies should offer a smooth journey.
 So we aim to make the challenges easy by providing your            We have some exciting news to share in this winter issue of
 business with the right import, forex and logistics solutions,     CemAir Skynews. In early August we will be commencing daily
                                                                    flights from both Johannesburg and Cape Town to Hoedspruit.
 from start to finish.                                              This exciting addition to our network will enable us to serve one
                                                                    of South Africa’s greatest attractions, the famous Kruger National
                                                                    Park and the many private reserves in the surrounding areas.  This
                                                                    service will be further enhanced by a seamless lodge connection
 Arno van Niekerk                                                   service to be provided by our partners at Federal Airlines enabling
                                                                    you to have breakfast at the V&A Waterfront and sundowners at
 National Sales Manager: Business Finance                           a Big 5 watering hole in the Timbavati.
 Tel: +27 11 809 7844  Cell: +27 82 375 3313                        The additional flights from Cape Town allow us to improve our
 Email:                                  airport infrastructure and services at this destination. From June
                                                                    2017 we will be opening a passenger services and ticket counter
                                                                    on the airport’s departure level and will assign permanent staff to
                                                                    assist with enquiries, resolve any difficulties and process ticket                                                         sales.
                                                                    We are also introducing iPad technology to our cockpits. Over
 business | wealth | banking                                        the coming months all CemAir aircraft will be certified to operate
                                                                    using an electronic reference for airport data, company manuals,
                                                                    aircraft  reference  manuals  and  flight  records.  Our  crew  will
                                                                    have quicker access to current information and be less reliant
                                                                    on  cumbersome  paper-based  records  and  data.    In  the  airline
                                                                    industry this is known as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and is
                                                                    quickly becoming the international airline standard for efficient
                                                                    We continue to lead the way with Beech 1900 avionics upgrades
                                                                    with the second fitment of Garmin 950 equipment to our aircraft
                                                                    completed  in  April  of  this  year.  This  particular  aircraft  fitment
                                                                    includes further enhancements to an effective complete refit of
       We’re always at                                              the aircraft instrumentation giving the Beech 1900 the advantage
                                                                    of the very latest technology in the cockpit. Our plan is for fleet
                                                                    wide retrofit for our 1900’s, giving us improved reliability utility
                                                                    and life from this important aircraft type.
       your service                                                 Our new look and improved CemAir website is now live, offering
                                                                    more information and a user-friendly menu system. With traffic
                                                                    to the website increasing 55% year-on-year to nearly 1.5 million
                                                                    page views we will continue to invest in and refine our online
                                                                    presence  for  maximum  convenience  and  functionality  for  our
                                                                    airline customers.
        For great rates and even greater service, choose
                                                                    A reminder to sign up for the CemAir Frequent Flyer Program,
        the car rental company that always tries harder.            SkyRewards.  The  program  is  designed  to  thank  our  loyal
                                                                    customers by rewarding them in a meaningful way. Accumulated
                                                                    points can be used for free flights for you or a family member. For
       Avis. We Try Harder.                                         full details please visit our website on
 Business                                                           Finally,  we  hope  you  will  take  a  few  minutes  to  share  your
 Sasfin Bank Ltd. Reg no. 1951/002280/06   Book now. Visit  experience  either  directly  by  email  to  or
                                                                    through social media.
 An authorised financial service provider licence no. 23833
 A registered credit provider NCRCP22 and a member of the Sasfin Group  beyond a bank
                                                                               Miles van der Molen

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