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          ensured it’s climbing the charts and jumped   group that has had multi-platinum success   “It was
          to number one on iTunes downloads.   and played to sell-out concerts across
                                            the globe. He’s also building a veritable
          The video that was released for the   independent career. Last year he started   completely
          song is a beautiful journey inspired by   writing songs for a solo career. The album
          Alice in Wonderland, with a Tim Burton   shall be launched later this year, and   organic – when
          twist. Created by Michael J Rix of Magic   includes his duet with Zoid.
          Mountain pictures it’s a visual fantasy                                you work with
          in which Kahn plays the madhatter and   Over the past 10 years her albums have
          Karen, appropriately Alice. Together they go   achieved gold status and she has been   someone it
          adventuring.                      awarded a SAMA for Best Female Artist.
                                            She’s also performed with international   either works or
          “When I tackle a music video I listen to   artists like John Mayer, Annie Lennox,
          the song on repeat for a couple of hours,”   Metallica and the Hothouse Flowers. TIME
          explains Rix. “Various images and story   Magazine and US News and World Report   it doesn’t.”
          elements begin to make themselves known,   have highlighted her role as an icon in
          which I guess comes from a combination   South Africa.
          of tone, music and lyrical content. As a
          filmmaker I try to picture the song in my   In celebration of their collaboration Morbee
          head, get a sense of how it feels visually,   and Zoid are on a joint national tour, playing
          then tie it all together within the context of a   in Durban and Bloemfontein, plus the
          story. For some reason We Could Be Divine   Grahamstown Festival, and two nights at
          started suggesting images from the Alice   The Teatro at Montecasino in July.
          in Wonderland story, and a slightly twisted
          storyline started to suggest itself.”   “Obviously I’m stoked about the tour,” says
                                            Zoid. “It’s going to be divine!”
          Both Morbee and Zoid have phenomenally
          successful independent careers. Morbee is   Tickets available online from
          best known as the Parlatones frontman, a

 Photo by Anelia Loubser


 Karen Zoid and Kahn Morbee’s   The two headlining South African musicians   says Karen Zoid. “Kahn had a basic idea
 first duet We Could be Divine   have for years passed each other in back   and we worked from there. It all just came
 together in about thirty minutes.”
 stage passages and recording studios, but
 hit the charts running and   it wasn’t until last year, when they were
 went straight to number one   working together on the hit TV show, The   “It was completely organic,” adds Morbee.
 on iTunes downloads. CemAir   Voice, that a deeper relationship developed.   “When you work with someone it either
 works or it doesn’t. We both at heart love the
 Skynews caught up with the   “We immediately clicked,” says Morbee.    song writing process and even though we
 musicians ahead of their   “Our friendship grew beyond just being   each may have a different approach, it still
 works. Also, we both love the eighties.”
 acquaintances and the idea to do a song
 national tour.  naturally occurred.”
 The song, a ballad that is distinctly of the
 It’s inevitable a collaboration between Kahn   “We wrote the song We Could Be Divine   now, has a catchy refrain: “in this short
 Morbee and Karen Zoid would be divine.   together backstage in my dressing room,”   sweet life we could be divine,”  that has

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