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Now you
can travel

with your
best friend


Bring your pets with you when you CemAir to
Margate or Plettenberg Bay or Cape Town

CONTAINER DIMENSIONS COSTS - A maximum of 20kg in total including pet,
container, food and food carrier is charged at a flat
Small (Cats): 48 x 32.5 x 29h cm rate of R250.00

Medium (Small Dogs): 58 x 37 x 32h cm EXAMPLE OF A CONTAINER

Large (Dogs) 102 x 72 x 76h cm

Rental price R250.00 per flight
Small/Medium: R450.00 per flight

Renting of these containers should be arranged at least
24 hours before departure. A full fare will be charged
if an adjacent seat has to be withdrawn from use to
accommodate the animal.

For bookings, enquiries and additional information,
please contact CemAir +27 (0)11 395 4473


Only cats and dogs can be transported on board CemAir flights • Pet Carriers for Dogs and Cats are available for rent from CemAir.

Requirements and procedures before flying
Arrange the necessary health and vaccination certificates beforehand. Certificates must be presented for carriage • Unaccompanied animals must be delivered/
collected at our head office if travelling from/to Johannesburg • Ensure the container dimensions and specifications are met • Reservations for a particular flight
of your choice should be confirmed 24 hours prior to departure with your reservation agent • Larger animals will be carried in the hold of the aircraft. Arrangement
should be confirmed at least 48 hours prior to departure. If travelling from/to Johannesburg, these animals need to be dropped off/collected from our head office
• Smaller animals may be carried in the cabin only if no objection from fellow passengers has been received. Should the animal be permitted to travel in the cabin,
under no circumstances may the animal be removed from the container during flight. Unless carrying the animal is covered by the liability rules of the Montreal
Convention, CemAir will not be responsible for their loss, sickness, injury or death unless CemAir have been grossly negligent

Container specifications
Each animal must be placed in a rigid container that has enough space for them to turn about normally while standing, to stand and sit erect and to lie in a
natural position • To determine the correct kennel dimensions: 1) The kennel length is the distance from the root of tail to tip of nose plus half the elbow to ground
measurement. 2) The kennel width is twice the width of the widest point. The kennel height is the distance from floor to tip of ears. 3) The ventilation openings must be
small enough so that paws and nose cannot protrude outside the container, but big enough that they can get enough oxygen • Ensure the container is lockable.

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