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utiful Escape
Welcome to the
South Coast
KwaZulu Natal

Portuguese ship wreck, rugged coast, red desert,
petrified fossil forest and a whole lot more.

Pack your slops, the kids and the spotlight at the Port Shepstone Maritime For more information phone South Coast
golf clubs and prepare to sur- Museum, with this deceptively lovely Tourism on +27 (0) 39 682 7944 or visit
round yourselves with amazing stretch of coastline having also seen its fair
natural treasures. Kick back share of storms and shipwrecks. Light-
and relax in the laid-back, beach bum house enthusiasts might enjoy visiting
charm of the South Coast. With all these the North Sand Bluff at Port Edward, the
stunning views you can experience your Green Point Lighthouse near Umkomaas
very own ‘endless summer’. The beach and the famous chequered Port Shepstone
playgrounds are endless… Amanzimto- Lighthouse, which was manufactured in
ti, Durban and then all the way to Port Britain and shipped to South Africa in the
Edward. 1890s.
It would be silly not to enjoy the
collection of activities with action on the enjoy...
nature reserves, hiking trails, snorkelling Blue Flag beaches, diving reefs, fishing
and diving areas and two of the country’s fanatics and shoreline surprises; 120km
top ten golf courses. You can even chill of ocean and pristine, sandy beaches,
and enjoy the many inlets that cut in from shark diving, abundant reefs, whale
the coast and allow for a glimpse of some watching and 700 million sardines
prolific birdlife to keep you busy as you during the famous run
explore this gem. Lush forest vegetation 1700m above
Unique with it’s offering of sun-kissed sea level, Lake Eland zip line slide, 80m
beaches, captivating hinterland, multi suspension bridge and Cape Vultures
adventure activities, culture and heritage, Swing, abseil, ‘foefi’ slide, white water
events and loads of arts, crafts and seri- rafting, and hiking in the river gorges
ously cool places to visit. Kite flying, helicopter trips and 365
Blessed with a constant subtropical species of birds to see; flights to
climate, this is the ideal destination for Margate, rocking beach music, Marine,
holidaymakers. A succession of enchant- Portuguese, Africa Bike Week and Jazz
ing holiday towns, each with its own festivals.
special character, lie along a 120km sea- Explore the coast by horseback and
board stretching from Umkomaas as far trails, hiking, biking in nine nature and
as to Port Edward and reaching as far as game reserves, picnics, butterfly domes
Harding and the beautiful Ingeli Forests. and crocodile farms
These villages and resorts offer the visitor Multi culture and mission stations, ship-
everything from golden beaches and wrecks, sunken war planes, Shaka’s
eco-adventures to first-class restaurants, assassination rock and more
excellent shopping venues and a wide Award winning accommodation, 11
range of accommodation. stunning golf courses and a whacky
With its family-friendly swimming Waterworld to boot and seasonal fun
beaches and boasting a number of Blue festivals
Flag beaches in South Africa, fascinating Galleries, antiques shops, leather &
tidal pools, unspoilt lagoons and lush beads, museums & markets
coastal bush, this is the perfect location to
relax and enjoy sea, surf and sunshine.
The region’s maritime history takes the

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