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Complex Intelligent Mining Technology,
organisations Reaching New Depths


Mines are sitting on a adjustment of current cost structures with the need for an increase in data
precipice of change. are essential. The entire model upon management through precise and
The industry remains which the mining company operates accurate reporting, access to levels of
volatile with unstable needs to be re-evaluated so as to en- and security of information.
metal prices, striking workforces sure that management and reporting MES provides real-time control
and budget cost cutting. The shifts systems, through the use of analytics of multiple elements of the produc-
occurring are radical and it’s going to and real-time reporting in all spheres tion process and offers benefits such
take an equally of the system, as reduced waste, re-work and scrap,
radical shift in can be used to more accurate capture of cost-infor-
attitude by stake- inform financial mation, increased uptime, paperless
holders to align and non-financial workflow activities and reduced
with the already indicators. inventory.
occurring chang- The entire “The trend “When choosing an MES, sim-
plicity is vital”, says GC2, highlight-
es to maximise model upon which in large-scale ing that the level of technological or
potential, profit the mining company operations is computer expertise for the average
and stability. leaning heavily individual in the South African
Current toward manufac- mining industry is relatively low. The
trends as high- operates needs to turing execution system should be tailored to allow
lighted by the systems (MES)”, the individual users to view only the
Deloitte’s ‘Track- be re-evaluated reports local functionality necessary to perform
their day-to-day tasks. Navigation,
ing the Trends software solutions therefore, should be simple and
2014’, outline provider GC2, accessible at all times.
that in order to which specialises Companies should also focus
ensure the viability of an operation, in the development of manufacturing on and implement modular-based
whether an established firm or one information systems for the min- systems, which involve one system
of the smaller operations, structur- ing and beneficiation process. The
al changes that go beyond a mere increased reliance on MES comes

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