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The benefit of an ongoing
long-term support service is
that systems can be modified
and updated according to
market shifts and changes in
company expectations.

keeping up-to-speed with rapidly evolving company has been using its current MES nents and functionality will be seamlessly
technical trends, it can simply end the since September 2011. IT manager Alfred incorporated into business processes.”
contract. Pawson describes how, with the contin- MES and related modules are ex-
GC2 further highlights the impor- uous support from its service provider, tremely beneficial as the service provider
tance of an ongoing partnership between Hernic has been able to introduce the extends the reach of business information
the MES service provider and the end following benefits to its operations and not only for manufacturing and bene-
user. The current complexity of systems management: A total integrated system ficiation processes, but also provides
means that usually only one-tenth of an that seamlessly interfaces with other a platform for extensive integration
expensive piece of software is used and management and information systems, capabilities and a platform through web
understood. The benefit of an ongoing placement and monitoring of raw material services across conventional organisation-
long-term support service is that systems orders through integration to ERP, ma- al boundaries. This, in turn, contributes
can be modified and updated according terial tracking, automated goods receive to an overall vision of integration and
to market shifts and changes in company vouchers processed against purchase continuous innovation linked to business
expectations. orders, processing of sales orders with process management.
An MES should also be introduced in integrated weight and sample analysis, GC2 says, “The performance indi-
modulated steps so as to enhance operat- automated analysis of samples, readily cators of any system should result in
ing efficiencies and limit any disruption available trends, notifications and reports improved operating efficiencies through
to previous, outdated methods. A model of production, variances and downtime. real-time quality information, as well
of seamless incorporation has to take into Other advantages for Hernic include as being incorporated into long-term
account that the workforce is a funda- enhancement of costing system through business lifecycle management principles
mental aspect of an automated system. data integration from MES to ERP and and planning. The backdrop of the current
GC2 stresses that MES does not mean a bespoke sales and export functionality economic downturn should be informing
diminished work force, although it does through sales orders, invoicing, adjust- every decision that mining companies
reduce the reliance upon and risk factor ments, final accountings and provisions are making. To that end, companies
of a labour intensive information system. with interface to ERP. are adhering to market trends, and are
What this means is that users will be less Commenting on the benefits of an choosing to lease rather than purchasing
tied down with paper work, so that pro- MES and a close relationship with the ser- software, so as to minimise unnecessary
ductivity can increase because of a lighter vice provider, Pawson says: “It has created capital outlay, thereby ensuring a marked
workload. the way forward to address the organi- improvement in on-going support levels
Hernic Ferrochrome is the world’s sation’s IT strategic objectives though a and ability to adjust with the times.”
fourth-largest integrated ferrochrome collaboration with the service provider to  
producer based in the North West. The ensure that additional future MES compo-
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