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New, Used & Reconditioned
Components for the Mining Industry

When every second costs, it’s good to know that there are people out there who not only understand
the demands of the industry, but who offer products to make life a lot easier. Pete Ellison is one of
these people. The Sales and Procurement Manager for DGI Trading, this 19 year industry veteran
began his career in the yard of a private company stripping machines. It is Pete’s understanding of
the importance of getting a machine up and running, and what downtime can cost a company that’s
helped him shoot up to where he is today - working to supply companies with “A Friendly Profes-
sional Alternative”.

We caught up with Pete to get the low down…

Tell us more about DGI Trading? And how long has the business no exception. How have DGI
been operational in South Africa? Trading coped and are there any
As an introduction DGI trading signs of an upturn in the sector’s
specialises in the purchase and sale of Our official ‘effective’ date was Sep- economic outlook?
late model new, used and reconditioned tember 2012, but we‘ve been building and
machines and components that are used in harnessing relationships from before then. Mining companies are in tough times
the mining and earthworks business. We and this is where DGI Trading can help
offer a cost effective, professional alterna- I can imagine the new, used to keep the mining equipment running
tive for our customers. and reconditioned machine and for longer and much less. When repairing
Having a global footprint (operations component sector of the mining a machine, it’s not always necessary to
in Australia, the USA and South Africa) industry is very competitive, replace a damaged part with a new unit
we are able to source both equipment and what gives DGI Trading the edge when a used, checked part can be utilised.
components for our customers at highly over this competition? We’ve recently broken down quite a few
redundant big mining machines and the
competitive prices. It is a competitive space, not just in response to these has been incredible.
Africa but globally. We focus more on As one of our customers mentioned, “In
these tough economic times, he needs to
providing the right service to our have the edge over his competitors, and by
clients and don’t focus too much purchasing used components and rebuild-
on what the competition are up ing these himself, he gets that edge”.
to. Our primary goal is to supply
competitively priced machinery Does the operation extend into
for the mining and earthworks the rest of the continent and
industry and our global client base what are the future business
allows us to source late model plans for expansion?
mining machinery for both resale
and recycling of parts. This also DGI Trading is based in Johannesburg
and it’s from this base that we service
helps source those hard to find customers throughout sub-saharan and
components that often lead west Africa. We are continuously working
to hefty OEM pricing and on growing and developing our position
lengthy down times, hence our within this market and we still have many
company slogan, “A Friendly opportunities that we need to explore.
Professional Alternative” We’re researching other global markets,
and as part of that exploration, we’re
We have all experienced exhibiting at the MENA Mining Show in
difficulties in these Dubai October 2014.
austere economic times
and the mining sector is

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