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Growing The official launch of the The launch of the Plett Wine-
that Plett Winelands in Octo- lands comes on the back of the first
Plett ber 2014 will significant- Plett MAD Festival held in June
ly change Plett’s tourism and July. The Plett MAD festival
feeling! landscape. brought together a diverse array of
While the beaches will always cultural activity. Plett MAD started
Product be Plett’s key appeal to tens of off with the Plett Fringe Festival at
by product thousands of holidaymakers who the historical White House venue
want to relax during the summer (where performers, on their way to
Photos courtesy of Plett Tourism holidays, the Plett Winelands will, the National Arts Festival, pre-
along with landmark tourist attrac- viewed their shows for an apprecia-
tions such as MonkeyLand, Birds tive Plett audience), and finished
of Eden and the Plettenberg Park off with another first for South
Game Reserve, provide the anchor Africa, the Plett Food Film Festival
to iron out the seasonality chal- (pairings of celebrated foodie films
lenges that plague so many tourist and their culinary equivalents). Also
economies. included in the Plett MAD festival
With an official wine route that were art exhibitions, street perfor-
stretches from Harkeville to the mances and shows from a wide
Crags, Plett is now a Wine of Origin variety of local musicians.
region and home to 16 producing The plan is to significantly grow
vineyards and many award winning this festival. It happens just after the
wines. Bramon Estate is the oldest Knysna Oyster Festival and offers
estate in Plett, and collectively, the an opportunity to attract visitors
vineyards produce around 200,000 during quieter months because it’s
bottles a year. little known secret that winter in
Most estates are producing Plett is one of the mildest and most
Sauvignon Blanc and Bubbly and beautiful.
the quality is considered to be on And then there is the Plett
a par with wine produced in New Easter Games, which blends a
Zealand’s world renowned Marbor- love of adventure sport with the
ough estates. stunning natural environment. The
The Plett Winelands will be event is run over the popular Easter
officially launched at the inaugural weekend in Plett and is jam-packed
Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival to be full of sporting events combining
held from 3 to 12 October. In con- the challenge of the sport and Plett’s
junction, the Plett Winelands Golf unrivalled natural surroundings and
Classic will be played on the 3 and includes trail running, an ocean
4 October while the launch of the swim, family events, mountain
festival itself is set to take place at biking, sea kayaking and golfing.
the iconic Beacon Isle Hotel on 4th Plett Tourism is already working
and 5th. Each year the programm on a number of new projects,
will move to a different wine estate including ones based in Kranshoek
for the duration of the festival. Ac- and Qolweni. Watch this space!
tivities will cater to all visitors and All in all, the strategy is to link
range from artisanal food classes the Plett Summer Festival, which
to cycling events – and long lazy brings together all the activities and
lunches in stunning vineyards! attractions of the festive season,
As a matter of interest, Octo- with a vibrant Easter, a cultural
ber is a superb time in Plett as the and sporting winter and a laid back
weather is generally very pleasant spring with whale watching and the
with spring in the air and the bay Plett Winelands. Add to this tourist
filled with Humpback and Southern landmarks such as MonkeyLand
Right whales on their annual visit. and Birds of Eden and a number of
The Plett Winelands Hiking other animal attractions, including
trails, which are still being finalised the Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve,
but promise to be the most exciting and it’s easy to see that Plett is so
slack-packing addition in years, will much more than simply the best
also be launched at the Festival. Set summer holiday destination. It’s a
in Hakerville and the Crags they piece of paradise year round.
combine spectacular sea walks,
cultural experiences, the best in ac-
commodation and dining – and of
course Plett’s extraordinary forests
and fynbos and vineyards.

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