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to courtesy of Knysna Tourism

A special village by the sea
Knysna’s oysters and meandering waterways figure prominently along the Garden Route,
but figuring out where to start your journey in this idyllic area can be intimidating.
No need to fear, Knysna is filled with boutique shops, restaurants high and low, which is why the

area has long been a weekend destination for many South African’s along the coast.
It’s coastal cool on the water - a landscape as romantic as you imagine it to be.

Greg Vogt has recently been What impact do you believe this will have on the international
appointed as Chairman for the tourist?
Knysna Tourism Association. We The sterile answer has to be more options to travellers, however
caught up with Greg to find out it brings us as a Local Tourism Association a fresh packaging op-
how CemAir has influenced the portunity to match our new initiatives with. A win-win for both
traveller to this region. CemAir and Knysna.
What impact do you believe this will have on the domestic
How has your town embraced CemAir with their new service traveller and tourist?
via the Plett Airport? The impact will effectively be borne by the opportunity this new
CemAir brings both a link to key market sources and hubs as well route offers us. Knysna’s partnership with CemAir and new mar-
as a unique travel experience. My recent experience flying to OR keting initiatives should result in exciting options to the public
Tambo International was both refreshing and an experience in What “well wishes” do you have for CemAir and the launch of
itself. Flying from a big city with a quaint airline and landing at their first issue of CemAir Skynews?
the small airfield in Plett was the talking point of fellow passen- Knysna has celebrated CemAir’s arrival and we look forward
gers from abroad. to leveraging the many opportunities available through our new
brand to benefit the visitor, CemAir and Knysna.

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