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For the love of spice… the Firefly Eating House is a trendy and If you are searching for unique and beautiful South African
exotic restaurant, which offers beautiful hand-crafted dishes home-décor artisan crafts and clothing, Indalo Living stocks
with a local twist to incorporate the ENTIRE spice family from all some of South Africa’s most well-known gifts and accessories
parts of the world – from A (Anise) to Z (Za’atar) and all the amaz- including Soy Lites, the Rain bath range, Soul clothing and other
ing spices in between. And don’t forget the botanicals such as fine treasures such as ceramics, frames, funky jewellery, linen
kaffer lime leaf, rau ram and many others. They are well known and wooden creations.
for the best prawn curry (according to a recent Getaway blog-
ger) and the attention to presentation makes every meal even The Square, Rex Hotel, Grey Street, Knysna
more delicious. Enjoy the Gin Bar or their famous Chai Bar with Tel: +27 (0) 83 282 8231 |
an impressive collection of teas.

152a Old Cape Road, Knysna | Tel: +27 (0) 44 382 1490 |



With an abundance of fynbos, flora and beautiful indigenous forests, the
Garden Route is one of South Africa’s premier locations for nature lovers.
Deep within this magnificent natural blanket of foliage one would be lucky to
find the mystical and elusive Knysna forest elephants. In the 1800’s, these
relatives of the Addo elephants (located further north in the Eastern Cape
just outside of Port Elizabeth), these royal creatures numbered in their hun-
dreds. Due to hunting and habitat degradation over the centuries, they have
neared extinction. Sightings are extremely rare and recent population es-
timates range from sightings of a lone matriarch to reports of as many as
five. Current research includes faecal DNA analysis, which has revealed they
continue to survive despite formidable odds.

During your visit to Knysna, the chances of seeing this rare elephant are
unlikely. However, nestled on the outskirts of the Knysna forests, between
Plettenberg Bay and Knysna, is a small haven that offers visitors a close
encounter of the elephant kind. The Knysna Elephant Park (est. 1994) was
born of the struggle by the forest elephants in the Knysna forest. This small
domesticated herd now stand as ambassadors for their counterparts in
the forest, highlighting the plight and conservation issues faced by ele-
phants throughout the continent. The park offers personal interactions
with their elephant family, providing guests with the opportunity to
walk amongst elephants and make memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information please visit or
contact them on | +27 (0) 44 532 7732

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