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Off the leash

Border collies are one of a kind… a bit like CemAir when food, shelter and veterinary services. But it’s worth every penny
you come to think of it! This amazing airline has been because a Border collie is a special pet. Friendly, loyal, respon-
a firm supporter of Border Collie Rescue for a number sive and intelligent, they are devoted to their owners and need
of years. They contribute financially and assist with the plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Without these key
transport of your furry friends all around the country. ingredients, they are a bit like people; they become bored and
frustrated which leads to behavioural issues.
Border Collie Rescue opened its doors in 1997 as a registered,
B-BBEE compliant, non-for-profit organisation. The organisa- If you are considering getting a new friend, consider a Rescue
tion rehomes approximately 400 dogs every year! It costs R50k Dog from Border Collie Rescue. Saving the life of one dog won’t
each month to look after the dogs in their care – this includes change the world, but it will change the world for that one dog!

Photo courtesy of Border Collie Rescue

HOW TO BARK IN 18 LANGUAGES To make your donation, adopt a
Rescue Dog or for more
Prevent overseas embarrassment with this handy “woof” sheet
information contact Dina-Vera on
Albanian - ham, ham, Arabic - hau, hau; how how, Mandarin - wang, wang, Czech +27 (0) 82 772 8525
- haf, haf, Danish - vov, vov, French - ouah, ouah; ouaf, ouaf, German - wuff, wuff;
wau, wau, Greek - ghav, ghav, Icelandic - voff, voff, Indonesian - guk, guk, Irish -
amh-amh, Italian - bau, bau, Japanese - wan, wan, Korean - meong, meong (mung Tax certificates supplied with
mung), Russian - gav, gav, Serbian - av, av, Spanish - guau-guau; jau, jau, Thai - ho- donations upon request.
ang, hoang. (Courtesy of Modern Dog Magazine,

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