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to by Grace Harrison | DCPF Life’s a journey but
here’s to the destination

Photo courtesy of ShowMe Plett 5 minutes with CemAir CEO
and owner, Miles van der Molen.

How did you come up with the name were involved in aviation so from a young age I airline service became an obvious progres-
CemAir? Our late partner Brian Bendall was was exposed to the industry. After completing sion.
the owner and CEO of Cemcrete, a com- my studies I was unsure of which direction to How many aircraft currently make up
pany which specialises in cement products. pursue and because I am a commercial pi- the CemAir fleet, and are there any plans
Because of this association we decided to lot I started flying charters. Over the years I to increase that number in the future? We
name-sake our business CemAir. Unfortu- naturally involved myself in the management have recently acquired a package of addition-
nately Brian died in 2008 and the connection side of aviation and only occasionally still fly a al Bombardier CRJs from Delta Air Lines in
to Cemcrete has subsequently faded, but the scheduled route. the USA. This will bring our total fleet to 21
name is definitively ours. Since the business launched in 2005, aircraft, 11 Beech 1900s and 10 CRJs. The
Where did the inspiration and motiva- CemAir has come a long way – tell us 1900 is a 19 seat pressurised turboprop air-
tion come from that made you take the more about how the company made this craft and the CRJ is a 50 seat commuter jet
leap into the airline business? My parents migration into a passenger services air- aircraft. We have strategically limited the num-
line and why? Our roots have always been ber of aircraft types in our fleet.
in aircraft leasing with the bulk of our work Do you see many competitors in the
beyond the borders of South Africa. We cur- market and how does CemAir’s service
rently have aircraft in South Sudan, Nigeria, differentiate you from other airlines in
Senegal and Afghanistan. A few years ago a SA? CemAir services the Commuter and Re-
number of contracts ended and aircraft were gional Airline market competing against SA
returned to us. At the time the leasing market Airlink and SA Express. Since SA Express is
was tight and placing these aircraft was going State owned, SAA is a shareholder in Airlink
to be challenging. We decided to look at do- and they all share a common booking system.
mestic opportunities and found that specific We are the only independent Commuter/Re-
destinations in South Africa would be perfect- gional carrier in South Africa. We differentiate
ly suited to our aircraft and so the schedule ourselves through the added convenience of

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