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"The Joburg art fair has undoubtedly   at Britain's Tate Modern in London her   colouring book has been conceived to
          become an important component of   involvement is somewhat of a coup.   accompany the exhibition. Inspired by
          our galleries annual activities,” says   Whitely not only co-wrote the Tate’s   the collections, the colouring is done
          Mark Read of the Everard Read Gallery.   revised Africa acquisitions strategy, she   Hockney-style on an iPad.
          “Amongst our team, artists and clients   is also co-curator of the Tate Modern's      Joburg Art Gallery (JAG) will also
          alike, it’s a much anticipated event where   2017 exhibition Soul of a Nation: Art in   be taking a stand and engaging today
          we seek to unveil powerful new work   the Age of Black Power (taking place   with tomorrow. Collaborating with the
          from both Everard Read core artists and   from 12 July - 22 October 2017).  cutting edge Joburg arts group, CUSS
          new names. Our ambition to annually      Robin Rhode, the South African artist   Group, Friends of JAG are displaying a
          enhance the contribution we make to   residing in Berlin was a featured artist   VR model of the gallery and precincts as
          the art fair experience for all visitors in   at the first fair in 2008. In the ensuing   it would look in 2040 should they have
          turn has played a part in Everard Read's   years he has exhibited at many important   the needed support from the City and
          evolution within this exciting era in the   galleries around the world including   patrons.
          South African contemporary art world."  the Hayward Gallery in London, the      Additionally, in partnership with
             In 2015 Mandla Sibeko joined Artlogic   Museum of Modern Art in New York and   William Kentridge's Centre for the Less
          as CEO when Douglas moved to Paris   the Centre Pompidou in Paris. A multi-  Good Idea a series of films from their
          to start Autonomy, a ground-breaking   disciplinary artist, his work seamlessly   first season will be screened in Sandton
          urban mobility company. Sibeko, a well-  blends high and low art references and   City's Nelson Mandela Square. All of this
          known entrepreneur in Joburg served on   his invitation as Featured Artist for the   in parallel to performance pieces and
          the board of Paarl Media Group and was   2017 event is seen as coming full circle.   private tours.
          Chairman of Netflorist South Africa. He      “Our focus this year is celebration,”      “We've had quantifiable growth
          was also instrumental in opening the first   says Sibeko, “Celebrating our galleries   over the past ten years,” adds Sibeko.
          Pick'nPay in Soweto and his longterm   who have grown with the Fair, our artists   “Through continued growth and ongoing
          girlfriend Naledi Mabuse is Richard   who drive the discourse, our patrons who   engagement with public and private
          Maponya's granddaughter.          have unwaveringly supported us and our   sector both actively involved in the arts
             “I signed up on the basis of passion,”   audience whose curiosity continues to   and on the periphery, we continue to
          Sibeko told Arthrob last year.  “I try do   inspire our delivery.    engage with and stimulate discourse and
          what I am passionate about in all my      “Over the years, FNB Joburg Art Fair   interest and that's what we really strive
          areas of business.”               has become a benchmark platform for   for as a world class arts event.”
             Alongside the growth in exhibitors,   Contemporary African Art and we look      And the opening night? It's still the
          the Joburg Art Fair has grown a veritable   forward to continuing that tradition in our   party of the year and although invites
          events and special-works programme.   10th edition this September.”  may be hard to come by, they can now be
          “The Fair has always been about opening      Alongside the commercial   bought – for a price.
          dialogue,” says Ross Douglas, and over   exhibitions, stands are also taken by
          the years various initiatives have been   institutions and community initiatives.
          added to complement the commercial   A first this year is the inclusion of the
          viability of the event.           North West University, which shall be
             For the tenth anniversary this   displaying a selection of their works in
          includes the appointment of Dr. Zoe   association with the MTN Foundation.
          Whitely as Guest Curator of Special   In order to energize and inspire the next
          Projects. Currently Research Curator   generation of young artists a dynamic

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