Page 40 - CemAir SkyNews 10/11 2014
P. 40
Carl and the Passions called? lied forces, which invaded 32. In which 1979 film was
changed their band name 13. Where are the Nazca Europe on D-Day? the spaceship called
to what? 23. What is the name of the Nostromo?
Lines? dog in Punch and Judy
2. How many rings are 14. What's a young female shows? 33. Robin Hood & Friar Tuck
featured on the Olympic 24. Which city has the sec- appear in which well-
flag? racehorse called? ond largest concentra- known novel by Sir Walter
15. What did Walter Raleigh's tion of French language Scott?
3. Which country did King speakers?
Zog rule? wife carry in her bag for 25. Which is the oldest na- 34. What is Canada's nation-
29 years after his execu- tional flag still in use? al animal?
4. What colour is Dr. tion? 26. How long does it takes
Spock's blood? 16. What is the most com- for light from Sun to reach 35. In which sport would you
mon non contagious Earth? use a chucker?
5. Where in your body is disease in the world? 27. Which is the most spoken
your patella? 17. What is a group of bears language in Southern 36. What would a tailor do
called? Hemisphere? with his hot plonker?
6. Whose band was known 18. Who was the Sun God of 28. Who created the charac-
as The Quarrymen? Ancient Egypt? ter of Count Dracula? 37. If you happened to be
19. Which country has lost 29. What is Anemometer plaining and pearling
7. What might you enjoy the most Rugby World used to measure? what would you be
doing if you are a funam- Cup finals? 30. Which North African sea- doing?
bulist? 20. Who was the first cricket- port’s name is Spanish for
er to score a test century ‘white house’? 38. Fruit, pipistrol, and
8. What are bactrians and against all 9 test playing 31. What was first called horseshoe are all types of
dromedaries? nations? ‘BackRub’, before chang- what?
21. What is the name of the ing its name and going
9. In which war was the two-headed Roman god live in September 1997? 39. What was Percy Shaw`s
charge of the Light Bri- who gave his name to a contribution to road
gade? month of the year? safety?
22. Who commanded the Al-
10. Who was Erich Weiss 40. Traditionally, what type
better known as? of wood do Rolls Royce
put on the dashboards of
11. If you suffered from their cars?
pogonophobia, what
would you be afraid of?

12. What is a baby rabbit

1. How many years are there in a millennium?
2. True or false? The horse is the fastest land animal.
3. The Beatles music band featured how many members?
4. True or false? Scarlet is a bright red colour.
5. What galaxy is Earth located in?
6. What is the first element on the periodic table of elements?
7. True or false? Mickey Mouse's middle name is Fauntleroy.
8. How many sides does a triangle have?
9. True or false? Harry Potter's middle name is James.
10. Bees create what sweet substance?

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