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                               Let’s face it, no two beach holidays are exactly the same. Some
                           travellers want sun during the day, on a trendy, urban scene to explore

                             the nightlife; others want deserted shores offering peace and quiet.
                         Fortunately, there is no shortage of world-class beaches along the South

                           African coastline to choose from, but which ones are the best for you
                          and your family? With a diverse selection of accommodation available
                         and direct CemAir flights to key coastal destinations, these great coastal

                                   getaways are the best places to enjoy sun, surf and sand.

            EDITOR’S PICK - Guido and Annette Schoelgen, owners of the stunning boutique guest house Days at Sea Beach Lodge,
            offer a unique stay practically on the beach. Their art and furniture collections include elements from across the globe – mixing
            Phillipe Stark with old Rolf Benz masterpieces and a gallery to make many museums green with envy. Relax, have a massage to
            the sound of the ocean and enjoy a sun downer at their Frangipani Lounge with Café del Mar Music from Ibiza.
             	 They say that Days At Sea is a Harry’s Bar on the beach or a NY W-Hotel in the jungle – but rather experience this treasure
            for yourself, you won’t be sorry you did!

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