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PHOTO: South Coast Tourism  CAPE TOWN                                  of natural beauty. The spectacular
                                                                       Robberg Penninsula offers a series of
                            Few places can live up to their own        wonderful hikes, amazing sea vista
                            myths, but Cape Town is a notable          views of the bay for a spectacular
                            exception. No matter what you’ve           display of marine life on one of their
                            heard or seen, nothing can prepare you     clear, crisp days. From May to Octo-
                            for the jaw-dropping beauty along Cape     ber this includes southern right and
                            Town’s fabled coast and village-like       humpback whales, dolphins, seals and
                            towns speckled along the countryside       other marine life year-round. Robberg’s
                            and the coastline. Many an author has      spectacular scenery is unsurpassed.
                            drawn inspiration from area landmarks      	 If the ocean isn’t your thing, sched-
                            including Table Mountain, which has        ule a visit to the Plett Winelands, one of
                            helped immortalize the Mother City.        SA’s newest wine of origin regions. This
                            Today, restaurants and attractions like    is also the perfect place for a winelands
                            Robben Island have helped make Cape        country vacation. Amongst the 18 wine
                            Town a favourite destination for visitors  farms you will find five established tast-
                            from around the world.                     ing rooms, and two restaurants to keep
                            	 Whether it’s the landmark South          you busy. The wine farms are clustered
                            African National Gallery, the District     in the Crags and Harkerville areas, a
                            Six Museum or one of their other fasci-    mere 15 minute drive from Plett central.
                            nating historical treasures, Cape Town’s   	 Surfers, absailing enthusiasts,
                            activities can keep you busy from the      beachcombers and SA’s corporate world
                            moment you get up in the morning until     executives easily coexist on pristine
                            you rest your head at night.               stretches of coastal bliss in Plett, and so
                            	 History buffs can walk the path of       will you.
                            history to see the old buildings that
                            remain from Cape Town’s period as          SOUTH COAST
                            Castle of Good Hope, while foodie
                            fans can adventure along the restaurant    You will never tire of driving 133
                            corridors to dine at award-winning         kilometres of South Coast coastline
                            restaurants. Experience the rugged hik-    in either direction, from Margate to
                            ing and horseback riding at Chapmans       Durban. But as hard as it might be to
                            Peak that makes Cape Town a favourite      take your eyes or mind off the coastal
                            destination for the outdoors enthusiast.   splendour, there are areas of magnif-
                            	 Avid shoppers can find antiques          icence that begs for exploration. You
                            on Long Street and unique boutiques        may know about The Wild Coast Sun
                            at the V&A Waterfront and among the        and the 'Checkerboard' lighthouse, but
                            historic buildings in Old Cape Town.       have you ever considered the agricultur-
                            You may also find upscale fashion and      al diversity and bounty of the macada-
                            technology at Tyger Valley, and beach-     mia nut groves?
                            combers can find all kinds of treasures    	 Even if you’re not a golfer, you can’t
                            on Cape Town’s beautiful beaches.          help but appreciate the harmonious
                            	 If night life is an important element    marriage of golf course topography
                            of your travels, Cape Town is party        and coastal majesty in and around this
                            central with pubs, cocktail lounges, beer  gem. From the legendary Southbroom
                            gardens and nightclubs to cater to every   Golf Club to the famed Wild Coast
                            taste. Here you will find magnetic peo-    Sun Country Club, a trip along the N2
                            ple to match Cape Town’s unbelievable      will leave you spellbound. Spectacular
                            beauty.                                    restaurants, hotels and guest houses are
                                                                       speckled throughout but never over-
                            PLETTENBERG BAY                            whelm the picturesque coastline. And
                                                                       once the storybook tour is complete, an
                            Seaside easy living in one of SA’s most    unforgettable experience awaits at one
                            well-loved playgrounds makes Plett a       of the South Coast’s beautiful beaches.
                            favourite haven for people fond of out-    	 Well, you have a great deal of work
                            door pursuits, including kayaking, scuba   to do my friend. From the sea to the
                            diving, mountain biking, hiking and        incredible Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve,
                            even skydiving. The Plett Trail offers     the South Coast affords you an almost
                            an alternative for those who want to       inexhaustible array of things to see and
                            enjoy the great outdoors with a luxury     do. So embrace the challenge ahead,
                            experience.                                and happy trails along the South Coast!
                            	 Plett is blessed with an abundance

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