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                                   “Cooking (eating) is like love – it should be entered
                                   into with abandon or not at all”. - Harriet Van Horne

                                   W hether we celebrate                        are peddling their wares. The GREEN-
                                               with it, commiserate             SIDER is the new kid on the block.
                                               with it, court with the          Situated along the popular Gleneagles
                                   help of it or simply bond over it,           strip in Greenside, it has a young, stylish,
                                   food is an essential part of life.           pallet-heavy feel to it boasting walls bran-
                                   These days you don’t have to                 dished with local art. The choice of stall
                                   travel to Mexico to enjoy an au-             holders is astonishing, with cuisine rang-
                                   thentic Carne Guisada washed                 ing from gourmet burgers, fish and chips,
                                   down with everyone’s favourite,              wraps, dishes of Argentinean, Mexican
                                   that cheeky little Mojito, or a              and Columbian origin and organic health
                                   pukka Indian Curry generously                foods. A cocktail and craft bar finishes off
                                   ladled over freshly baked Naan               this vibrant, must try experience.
                                   bread. Yum! But shopping for                 	 MARKET ON MAIN IN MABO-
                                   exotic fair for the old cauldron             NENG has been around a wee while
                                   from super markets has be-                   longer. Discussing each and every eatery
                                   come passé and going back to                 in this well-established block would result
                                   the street market of yesteryear              in maxing out any decent size press, suf-
                                   is the new black. Move over                  fice it to say that the culinary choices are
                                   Marrakesh! South Africa is a                 infinite. If you are in the mood for a beef
                                   melting pot of cultures and of-              or lamb burger smoothed away with the
                                   fers gastronomes, and that one               help of honey aroma craft beer, sweating
                                   picky friend everybody loves to              through a mouth full of fiery chili poppers
                                   hate, an inexhaustible variety               and enchiladas or schmoozing over a
                                   of food at Urban Food Markets                good coffee brewed by accomplished
                                   ‘mushrooming’ all over the                   baristas whilst indulging in petit fours and
                                   land. Terms like ‘Urban Food                 other delectable pastries, then this is the
                                   Farm’ and ‘Farm To Table Eat-                place to meet your mates for an after-
                                   ing’ is all the rage, so join us             noon of pure foody Nirvana. Don’t forget
                                   on a tour of food market magic               to bring your baskets along as you may
                                   and meet the ‘gurus of grub’.                feel tempted to take home the fresh and
                                                                                bottled produce on offer within the nooks
                                   Vibrant JOZI is no greenie when it comes     and crannies of this market.
                                   to greens. Fresh food markets are blos-      	 A hop, skip and a jump away in
                                   soming. From revamped warehouses to          Braamfontein, the busy weekly market
                                   spacious open fields, all in the middle of   of THE NEIGHBOURGOODS located
                                   the hustle and bustle of the city mind you,  in a former office building is a wonderful
                                   farmers and purveyors of porcini to paella   place to spend a Saturday. Highlights
                                                                                include tantalizing terrines, piquant pes-
                                                                                tos, seasonal fruit and veggies from the
                                                                                Free State, delicious mini-Mediterranean
                                                                                quiches, meat from Braeside butchery
                                                                                in Parkhurst, wine from Lazanou Or-
                                                                                ganic Vineyards and beers from Darling
                                                                                Brewery. Freshly made paella prepared
                                                                                in oversized flat pans in front of hungry,
                                                                                queuing patrons will set off the maracas
                                                                                in your head! And for the chocoholics

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