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out there the finest in artisan, handmade,     the ‘Mother Lode’ of Urban Food fare.
organic, Fairtrade, raw chocolate. That’s      With food as eclectic and colourful as the
it…brunch sorted.                              brightly coloured Victorian beach houses
	 Just spent an early morning stretch-         of Muizenberg, variety is surely the spice
ing through downhill dog into cobra and        of life. Let’s have a little look see. So,
pigeon pose at the Yoga studio? No need        it’s Thursday and the weekend seems a
to wreck all that hard work and gentle         lifetime away. Not a problem. THE CITY
panting with junk food binging now. Float      BOWL MARKET on Hope will wash away
on over to THE BRYANSTON ORGAN-                the Thursday blues and ease you gently
IC MARKET crammed with healthy                 towards weekend bliss. With 30 different
treats and kombucha for your daily fix         stalls to get you going, life will seem in-
of healthy goodies. For those yet to be        stantly brighter. If a combination of Indian
enlightened few, staring at the page with      flavours and Turkish ingredients wrapped
a slightly vacant expression, kombucha         up in a tidy little vegetarian bundle sparks
is a fermented, probiotic drink that helps     your interest, then Celeste’s Deli will surely
with digestion, detoxification and immunity    blow your locks back. Or perhaps a good
(let’s hope it’s as much fun as tofu hey       authentic Durban curry will make you trip
guys – she says, chalky tongue in cheek).      the light fandango. If it’s a little grown up
A visit to this well-established market and    pick me up you need then you have to try
its healing fair will leave you glowing with   the local Kaapse Limoncello, made with
detoxified satisfaction.                       local export quality lemons and vodka.
	 The warehouses at THE SHEDS@                 You could of course be in the mood for
1FOX in the Western Edge of Joburg             a little cocoa boost. In that case La Pettit
City, were used by mining companies for        Moo’s brownies will give you that much
over a century, with Anglo American the        needed endorphin rush to push you
most recent occupant. While retaining the      through to the weekend. There’s Rodg-
original character, the historic warehouses    ers Fruiterers fresh produce, homemade
have since been refurbished into a thriving    breads, samoosas, rotis, naturally sun-
marketplace – an artisanal food and pro-       dried fruit, locally harvested nuts, home-
duce market, surrounded by eateries and        made jams and preserves and so much
bars. From Lebanese wraps, smothered           more to choose from.
in tzatziki to Sushi and potjiekos, there are  	 Housed in an old sky-lit brick ware-
very few food options you won’t find here.     house and courtyard at the Old Biscuit
Asian, Malay, prawn, venison, maca-            Mill in the industrial neighbourhood of
roons…all present and accounted for and        Woodstock, is the NEIGHBOURGOODS
ready to be enjoyed. A great way to spend      MARKET. Every Saturday, come rain or
an afternoon and evening.                      shine, over 100 vendors including local
	 There’s something about a chicken 	          farmers, fine-food purveyors, organic mer-
sandwich that just soothes the soul and        chants, bakers and distributors, grocers,
makes everything better and at JACK-           mongers, butchers, artisan producers,
SON’S REAL FOOD MARKET in Bry-                 celebrated local chefs, and micro enter-
anston, you will be in ‘clucking’ heaven.      prises, strut their stuff. So get your glad
This healthy food market/food store/café       rags on and mosey on down there for a
all-in-one in Bryanston offers grass-fed       day filled with fab food, music and good
beef, free range/pastured lamb, free range     conversation. With that many vendors in
chicken, eggs, dairy, smoked bacon,            attendance you are sure to find happiness
freshly cut fillets of fish, local cheeses,    in a take away container of sorts.
roasted coffees, wood fire breads, organ-      	 RONDEBOSCH VILLAGE MARKET
ically grown fresh produce, etc…the list       is a small outdoor market offering a variety
goes on. This is green at its very best.       of organic and biodynamic fresh pro-
	The FOURWAYS FARMERS MAR-                     duce. What’s on offer varies from week to
KET will surely whip you into a fromage        week but there are usually around 13 stall
frenzy. The selection of cheeses at Lori-      holders offering organic veggies, dried
an’s, is positively perfect so do go peckish   goods, honey, wheat- and gluten-free
and prepared to taste your way through a       bakes, cheese, preserves and yummy
vast selection. After all choosing the right   ginger beer. Being outside the library is
cheese is serious business. Lamb on the        also a plus as you can read up on food
spit, fudge, quiche and more will have you     too, making you the complete buff. Eating
going back for more plus pet lovers will be    brain food whilst flexing your brain matter
thrilled to know that man’s best friend is     sounds like a sensible plan (smart just got
welcome to go along and join in the fun.       smarter).
	 Basking serenely at the foot of Table        	 It’s not just the seals that have a blast
Mountain lies the post card perfect city       in Kalk Bay but at the KALK BAY FRESH
of CAPE TOWN - The ‘Mother City’ with          ETC MARKET you are guaranteed to
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