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FASHION NIKE RZN PLATINUM                                           positioning from wherever      TIPS TO BUYING
                                              GOLF BALLS            you are on the course, or      STYLISH GOLF
                                              (BOX OF 12)           clubhouse. Rugged and          APPAREL
FORWARD                            Price: R599.88                   water rated to 5 ATM (50
                                      meters), it displays yardages  Know Golf Clothing
GolfIN THE                                                          to the front, back and mid-    Etiquette. The first step
       NAME OF                     Enjoy the longer distance        dle of greens on a high-res-   any golfer should take
                                   and better control with          olution, glove-friendly color  when deciding what
                                   these state-of-the-art golf      touchscreen. And, it lets you  clothes to purchase is to
                                   balls. Designed to control       manually position pins, get    get familiar with standard
                                   spin, the Nike RZN Platinum      distances to doglegs and       dress for the game.
                                   Golf Balls feature Speed         layups, customize yardage
                                   Lock technology for more         points (mark traps and         Be Mindful of Dress
                                   efficient energy transfer and    hazards) and print digital     Codes. Most golf
                                   initial speed off the club       scorecards for Stroke play     courses require their
                                                                    and Stableford. S6 fea-        players to dress
                                   face.                            tures more battery life for    appropriately in order
                                                                    longer play or more rounds.    to maintain an overall
         And you thought           MEN’S SWAGG                      Easily get in a weekend        image of the club.
  Fashion Week was for             SILICONE BELT                    of GPS golf with up to 10      The level of strictness
 the stylish and glamour           Price: on demand                 hours in full GPS and up to    regarding the dress code
   conscious. Well, think                  20 weeks, depending on         is usually proportionate
again. Golf has become                                              mode, before the lithi-        to the cost of playing
one of the world’s most            Funky, trendy, top quality       um-ion battery needs to be     and the exclusivity of the
                                   golf and lifestyle options for   recharged.                     course. Interestingly, the
     trend setting sports          people who like beautiful                                       economy often dictates
where it is important not          things. People with atti-        AEROGREEN GOLF                 the enforcement of a
only to perform well but           tude who like to stand out       SHOES                          code; in troubled times,
                                   from the crowd. These fun        Price: on demand               many courses relax their
  also to make a fashion           silicone belts are available in              rules so that they can
        statement. South           exciting colours with the sig-                                  generate income. 		
                                   nature “S” logo embossed         Don’t skimp on style with      Anybody who watches
 Africans have plenty of           on a transparent buckle.         these beautifully crafted      golf on television may
specialty shops and on-                                             Italian premium golf shoes     notice that the PGA tour
line services to meet the          GARMIN APPROACH S6               where style and comfort        has far fewer rules, but
 needs of any wannabe              GPS                              come together in an elegant    then again, star power
                                   R5999.99                         package. Aerogreen golf        brings a lot of attention
       golfing fashionista!            shoes for women are            (and money) to the
                                                                    crafted for performance and    game, so some leniency
                                   This is an everyday watch        comfort.                       is granted to these
                                   with amazing style. By the                                      professional athletes.
                                   way, the S6 even tells you
                                   the time. S6 features an                                        Choose Individual
                                   odometer to see how far                                         Clothing Items. For
                                   you walk. A round timer                                         a thoroughly informed
                                   also is included to keep                                        approach to dressing
                                   track of how long it takes                                      impressively for golf,
                                   you to play 18 holes. The                                       take time to review the
                                   S6 features swing metrics:                                      information on each
                                   SwingTempo, TempoTrain-                                         golf garment as well as
                                   ing and SwingStrength™ for                                      the most common golf
                                   the ultimate golfing experi-                                    accessories.
                                   ence. The device includes
                                   a dedicated Course View                                         Add Practical
                                   button with Green View                                          Yet Stylish Golf
                                   for manual pin positioning,                                     Accessories. Looking
                                   PinPointer blind shot assis-                                    impressive on the golf
                                   tance to tell you where the                                     course includes finishing
                                   pin is, even if you can’t see                                   an outfit with the right
                                   it and precise distances for                                    accessories. These items
                                   more than 39000 inter-                                          not only look great but
                                   national courses with no                                        help one’s game.
                                   subscriptions or fees. You                                      (
                                   can preview doglegs, traps
                                   and water hazards and pin                                       Photos from Nike RZN
                                                                                                   Platinum Golf Balls, Men’s
26 October / November 2015 CEMAIR                                                                  Swagg Silcone Belt,
                                                                                                   Garmin Approach S6 GPS,
                                                                                                   Aerogreen Golf Shoes
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