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Garth Stroebel's 4 Food Truths
                                                                       Garth Stroebel entered the food trade in the 1970s, working
                                                                       in Germany and the UK before donning chefs' whites at the
                                                                       Carlton Hotel, the Beacon Isle (1979), and the Mount Nelson,
                                                                       where he was Head Chef for fourteen years and head of
                                                                       consulting for the Orient Express Hotels. He now consults
                                                                       globally – working on restaurant concepts in London, the
                                                                       Middle East and Singapore. His style of food is classic and
                                                                       flavoursome. Here, he shares some of his top food truths:
                                                                       “My favourite ingredient is salt.”
                                                                       “I like my food to have integrity.”
                                                                       “Fusion not done properly is just confusion.”
                                                                       “Flavour sensations come and go, but the best food is food
                                                                       that is fairly simple, but very well cooked.”

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