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A letter from the CEO

                                         PHOTO ShowMe Plett          Welcome
Conferences - Functions - Accommodation                                                                                    your
                                                                                                          flight. I hope you are
                                                                                                          relaxed and comfortable
                                                                                                          and enjoying CemAir’s
                                                                                                          personal touch as we
                                                             whisk you off to your chosen destination. As spring warms
                                                             into summer and the welcome rains bring new life to the
                                                             countryside we see South Africa’s beauty come alive. I
                                                             hope you are enjoying the wonder of this transformation
                                                             out of your window today.
                                                             	 We continue to enhance our service offering and soon
                                                             to be introduced is the long awaited Frequent Flyer Pro-
                                                             gram called Sky Rewards. Sky Rewards will help us thank
                                                             our loyal customers for their support and reward them in
                                                             a meaningful way. From 01 October 2015 rewards in the
                                                             form of miles will be awarded to all customers participat-
                                                             ing in the program. Accumulated points can be used for
                                                             free flights for you or a family member, lounge access at
                                                             OR Tambo Airport and more. For full details please visit
                                                             our website on
                                                             	 Also, from the beginning of October we will have a
                                                             ticket and enquiries counter in the public area of OR Tam-
                                                             bo International Airport. The kiosk will be on the upper
                                                             departures level between terminals A & B and will be open
                                                             for extended hours to attend to all passenger enquiries
                                                             including baggage and flight information as well as airport
                                                             ticket sales.
                                                             	 We are proud to welcome two further Bombardier CRJ
                                                             50-seater jets into service. The CRJ’s continue to increase
                                                             in popularity particularly with our African operations. We
                                                             will also be extending our African footprint to include Ga-
                                                             bon with the local carrier Allegiance Air. Allegiance is an
                                                             established Gabonese domestic operator based in Libreville
                                                             and will be using a CRJ to increase domestic capacity as
                                                             well as to launch regional operations.
                                                             	 Your safety, comfort and continued support are im-
                                                             portant to us. This is why in the background more than
                                                             130 people work tirelessly to make sure every detail of
                                                             your experience has been considered. From the meal you
                                                             are enjoying to the specifics of the training your crew have
                                                             undergone; from the words on these pages to the meticu-
                                                             lous maintenance your aircraft has received. Every aspect
                                                             has been thought through, discussed, checked and double
                                                             checked. We do this because we are passionate about
                                                             providing our customers with a world class service where
                                                             the importance of courtesy and friendliness has not been
                                                             	 We welcome your feedback on your experience with us,
                                                             through social media on our Facebook and Twitter pages;
                                                             email to or directly to one of our team
                                                             members. In every CemAir Skynews we include a few of
                                                             these comments
                                                             	 Again, thank you for choosing CemAir. Wishing you a
                                                             wonderful flight and an enjoyable stay at your destination.

                                                             Miles van derMolen
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